Looking Inward & Outward with the goggle of Faith- part 124

1. Any peace that our soul can have, without thoroughly repenting of our follies, forwardness and selfishness (which the Lord would have to expose on various humbling occasions), is a peace that can still be traced to this world. But as we overcome this pseudo peace or come over this world, we would find a peace that is born from above; one that’ll make us comfortable being the least among men and brethren. (Jn. 14:27a, James. 3:17, Lk. 9:48)

2. The primary job description of the gospel of Christ is to remit our sins or separate us from our past, so that we can relate with our future; with the everlasting gospel (of God) that’ll utterly save our souls. While doing so, it separates us from an unhealthy consciousness of ourselves, from the despairs of the present-and from thoughts of a future that doesn’t revolve round loving the Father or attaining full perfection. (Acts 26:18, Rom. 1:1,16; Heb. 5:9/6:1)

3. The soul acquires spiritual immunity by spiritual understanding; by understanding what the Lord has said or is saying. While doing so, we would realize we have no past that isn’t useful in God’s hand, no teething present challenge that isn’t worth rejoicing about, and a future that should see us become comforters to many as long as we truly and fully entrust it in God’s hands. (Col. 1:9-10, Jer. 29:11, Isa. 4:1-2)

4. The Lord has been raising an army on earth, and the sound doctrine of His faith has been their watchword; it has been the sound and alarm that gathers them to a daily battle against this world. They aren’t afraid of any trial that is supervised by the Spirit; any path that demands they put faith first, because it’s their trade secret for ceasing from sin. Their weaknesses and past mistakes help them place a higher premium on the more excellent and priestly ministry of Christ Jesus-through which they are now fetching everlasting measures of life. Does this describe you? (Eph. 4:13a, 1Pet. 4:1, Heb. 2: 17-18)

5. The devil, as a mocker and an accuser, uses his corrupted wisdom (like he did in Eden) to show us why God’s promises are but a mirage, what we could have done better had we known better, and also how time is no more on our side; all to keep us living in condemnation of our past. But as we tenaciously press into the justification that comes through Christ’s Faith, we would be empowered to see through various veils, voices and thoughts that he uses to taunt us. (2Pet. 3:4, Ps. 62:9, Rom. 5:1)

6. Two strong weapons the devil can use to limit believers from journeying at a pace and to a place in Christ Jesus where the hope of eternal life would be born in their hearts, are discouraging thoughts from their past and bleak images about their future; thoughts that only expire after a long grip on the word of Christ. And one deadly weapon he can use to limit those who now have the hope of eternal life born in their hearts, are hurtful images from painful experiences that require the love of God to overcome. (2Cor. 10:5a, Heb. 5:14a, Lk. 23:34)

7. Like in David, if the Lord can’t expose and heal us of some weakness or folly, via sound counsel(s) from His Word or from matured men and brethren, He’ll allow costly experiences (trials) to do so; in ways that many others would learn from. Those who overcome being bitter or offended in the human vessels that the devil used to tempt them, should become wiser than the evil spirit that supervised that temptation. (Prov. 12:15, 2Sam. 12:7-23, Ps. 119:98)

8. The measure of the life of Christ or of the Father we have gathered per time, can always be traced to how we have handled the ignorance, weaknesses, twistedness, follies and infirmities of men, saints and brethren; especially when the devil shows up through them (Jn. 10:10, 1Cor. 9:19-22). And for keeping the commandments governing such trying moments, the Lord would always give or comfort us with life; for any loss, pain and patience that we incur while doing so. (Jn. 12:50, Phil. 3:7-9)

9. Our needs, human weaknesses, soulish infirmities or imperfections can become useful tools in the hand of the Lord, if only they drive us to the Lord-and if they keep doing so until we receive all the comfort or enlightenment from scriptures on it. They become a good medium for the Lord to expose our ignorance, enlighten our darkness-and also heal our souls of known and unknown diseases. (Ps. 18:28, Rom. 15:4, Ps. 103:3)

10. One powerful reality that awaits every believer whose soul gets well fed with the revelations of God’s righteousness-is that, the faith in Christ would be to him a shield that acts like a high-tech missile defense systems do. Through it, thoughts that the devil hauls at us; to condemn, distract, discourage or destabilize us-would be tracked and brought down: especially those thoughts that border on an unfortunate past event or that creates anxieties about our future. (Eph. 6:16, 2Cor. 10:3-5 Isa. 26:3)

11. When the Lord is saying, “you can still become all I have called you to be despite your inadequacies, soul infirmities, past blunders and failures”, He is inviting you to see what He can see about your past and future; to learn of His righteousness; and, thereby fight the same unbelief that showed up at Eden (after Satan spoke to Eve and questioned God’s promise to man). (Isa. 1:18, 1Tim. 1:11-15/2:13-14, Gen. 3:1-5)

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