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Dearly Beloved, God the Father once conceived a risky thought! Outside the godhead, He desired to see man, seated by Him and dwelling in Him! He consulted with the oracle of the godhead; God the Word, and found the same interpretation and expression of this dream of His. God the Spirit witnessed to the fact... Continue Reading →


Dearly Beloved, A peculiar kind of life has been in the custody of the godhead from eternity past, one that was so precious that it separated them from all creature. The godhead agreed to declassify the secret knowledge governing this life of theirs with man, so that man can become a peculiar treasure and a... Continue Reading →

Another Look @ The Essence of Sonship – Part 22

... AN APPRAISAL ON NEW DEFINITIONS OF GOOD & EVIL Dearly Beloved, Have you noticed with concern, the unhealthy consciousness and the alarming reference of “making money” from believers today? Have you seen how men justify (Lk. 16:15) their pursuits of things that perish with the use (vanity) at the expense of things that endures... Continue Reading →

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