Looking Inward & Outward with the goggle of Faith- part 125

1. Outside the actual provisions of the New Testament, or outside the word of righteousness and of everlasting righteousness that respectively builds Christ in a soul and then imparts a fatherly nature to such, there are other things that a believer or minister would always be tempted to settle for; things (provisions) that can be sought “in the name of Jesus”, and such are the ephemeral things that have continued to limit the Church from knowing both the power and eternal power of God. (Heb. 5:12-14, 1Cor. 3:1-2, Rom. 1:16/20)

2. Any season when the Lord wants to seal us with His name (nature) or with that of the Father, are those where the devil will have to run errands or tempt us like he didn’t previously do. And that is when we would be blessed with an enduring testimony of how separated we are from this present passing life; when we also would be tempted to question God’s wisdom for permitting such trials-like Job was. (2Tim. 2:19, Heb. 2:12, Rom. 4:16-22, Job. 1:6-21)

3. The greatest snare during an hour of temptation is to respond to it naturally – and then walk right into the bigger picture or the actual evil that the enemy had in mind all the while. But as we remain still before the Lord and take our eyes off the pain and distractions around it, we would fetch a wisdom that comes from either the Word of Christ or the Word of God; that would guarantee our victory. (1Cor 10:13/2:5, Lk. 21:14-15, Jam 3:17)

4. Behind every temptation is a hidden evil or intent that our natural minds/eyes can’t figure out – as long as our eyes are still shopping for what’s in our favour (monetarily or personally). Victory over such is a product of the premium we place on life (Christ), or on the divine life that the Father is offering thereby; even while our eyes remain glued to the commandment(s) that springs from the Word of Christ or the actual word of God. (Lk. 14:11c, Hab. 2:1, Rev. 3:8)

5. Temptations actually begin earlier than we think they do; as early as we compromised the wise counsel of the Lord to watch and pray always. So, as long as we don’t have a strong posture in the place of prayers, we have actually fainted – and have given room for the enemy to tempt us. (Matt 26:41a, Jon. 2:1-7, Lk. 18:1b)

6. Many temptations from the devil are trials that the LORD approves of, so we can see how helpless we truly are. They humble us to seek and cry out to Him for mercy – like we naturally wouldn’t have, and we are meant to keep doing so until we receive a comfort of wisdom that’s kept in Christ, or the Father or in God. (Psa. 139:23-24, Jam. 1:2-5; Col. 2:2-3)

7. The devil (and his children) are “servants” that can’t but serve God in ways that will further His purposes on earth. And as long as we know and keep the commandments of faith and love that should govern our dealings with them – like Jesus also did, they become useful tools to bring this to pass. Only then would the worst of temptations become the best of trials that would see us inch closer to our sonship in God. (Rom. 8:28, Matt 13:38, Heb. 12:14)

8. Like with Joseph, one reason why the Lord permits some temptations from the enemy is to awake us from a flawed attitude to His wise counsels; attitudes that we would have to severally repent of – and, thereby, avert a future casualty that awaits us. (Gen. 50:20, 1Cor. 10:13, Prov. 24:6)

9. Any temptation that can get you offended isn’t an ordinary one. It’s usually a rare opportunity to keep a commandment or acquire a life that you haven’t previously gathered. The Lord – in His Wisdom and faithfulness – prepares us for it by previously making known what is written concerning such, so we can resist our will – and; thereby, access a new chapter of His will. (John 16:1; Matt. 4:7, James 1:12)

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