Looking Inward & Outward with the goggle of Faith- part 122.

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various thoughts from conversations under the sun, on another blessed day. Gracious Reading!

  1. The triune teaching in Christ are the enlightenments on Faith, Hope and Charity. They are to purify our souls-so we thereby escape the corruption of this world; so we are prepared for seasons when corruption would be fully overcome: seasons when God would become our God (1Pet. 1:22, 2Pet. 1:4, Rev. 3:12).
  2. An inheritance awaits every believer who would be faithful with the feast of Charity and with the revelations of Christ that prepare a soul for God’s most holy things; things that birth compassion in our heart and grace us to selflessly respond to the strengths and weaknesses of men and brethren (Acts 20:32, 1Cor. 13:5, Heb. 10:34).
  3. There is no better escape route from traps posed by various self-seeking lifestyles like the route that leads to the path of life (righteousness); the route enlightened by the teachings of faith, hope and Charity; which are the revelations that can make us inherit the name of Christ (2Pet. 1:4, Ps. 23:3, 2Tim. 2:19).
  4. By failing to seek things that would have been in the interest of Eve and mankind, Adam actually fell short of a commandment of Charity; the commandment that later made Jesus of a quick understanding in the fear of the Lord. The Lord has since commissioned an ongoing feast of Charity (i.e. Christ) in the Church; and He is calling us to thereby attain unto a Christlike stature (Col. 3:12-15, Isa. 11:3, 1Tim. 1:5).
  5. The feast of Charity prepares us for the ultimate inheritance in God that will make us one with God! It reveals the essence of Christ in a way and manner that God becomes our only alternative (1 Cor. 13:4-7, Eze. 44:28, Gen. 15:1, Deut. 30:20).
  6. The most subtle way that the devil has scattered and devoured life from the soul of most men, is via the course of this world; via arrangements that address their ‘needs’ on one hand—but feed their soul with fear on the other hand. And the prescription in Christ for healing such souls is the pasture called Faith, Hope and Charity (Jer. 23:3-4, Eph. 2:2, 1Pet. 1:22).
  7. Loving the brethren is a much higher demand than loving the saints; just as loving one’s enemies is a higher demand than loving the Lord’s brethren. The pathway to this is the Faith, Hope and Charity in Christ; they are the way of peace that make the Christian faith a truly adventurous one. (Eph. 1:15, 1Pet. 1:22, Isa. 59:8).
  8. The more the word of truth that pertains to Christ is rightly divided, the more clearly we would see how the journey from Faith, Hope to Charity is meant to help us come to God. And then would living by the Faith of the Son of God become as natural as living sinfully once was (2Tim. 2:15, 2Pet. 1:5-7, Gal. 2:20).
  9. The Lord – via the teachings of Faith, Hope and Charity – has been raising servants of righteousness; those whose goal has been to become Kings of Righteousness and Peace. Their high calling in Christ Jesus is to become priest of God- and they won’t be few (Eph. 1:15, Heb. 2:11, Mal. 2:5, Phil. 3:14).
  10. John the Baptist was the closest to Adam in ascending out of the earth or in attaining the growth (nature) needed for entrance into the Kingdom. The path for such ascension today is the path of life in Christ that purifies and cleanses the soul; the path called Faith, Hope and Charity (Matt 11:11, Jn. 3:13, 1Pet. 1:22).


Tayo Fasan

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