Looking Inward & Outward with the goggle of Faith- part 119.

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various thoughts from conversations under the sun, on another blessed day. Gracious Reading!

  1. The Lord’s desire is that we gain access into the inheritance called peace; that we attain unto the peace that made Him “a man” at Jordan; after living on wholesome words that caused His soul to daily rest in peace (Rom. 5:1, Matt. 4:4, 1Tim. 6:3).
  2. By breaking down the conversations in Christ into Faith, Hope and Charity, the Lord actually declassified the way to submit to God; the secrets that built Jesus to become the Christ; secrets for living in a priestly way—or like no unbeliever and carnal believer can (1Tim. 1:5, Lk. 2:51-52, 2Pet. 1:3).
  3. Painfully, birds of the air still live more supernaturally than most men do; than those who haven’t broken free from hustling for things that don’t satisfy the soul; than those who aren’t learning to seek first the Kingdom- and thereby haven’t embarked on the spiritual walk of Faith, Hope and Charity (Matt. 6:29-33/11:28, 2Pet. 1:5-7).
  4. Learning Christ or being equipped with the commandment of faith, hope and Charity, would always birth in us a longing that can only be satisfied when we receive God—or fully inherit His life (Eph. 4:20, 1Tim. 1:5, Eph. 3:19).
  5. A soul that ends up not growing and acquiring the true age or stature called Christ, would end up waxing old like this world does. And heaven’s prescription to arrest and reverse this trend is that our soul goes through the trimester of faith, hope and Charity; the process that makes it a new creation (Heb. 5:14a, Gal. 4:19, 1Jn. 2:17, 2Cor. 5:17).
  6. One thing the Lord does when it’s time to help a believer to acquire the first profit (Christ) in the New Testament; is that, He will create circumstances that would help us fulfil chapters of our walk in Charity; most of which will weigh hard on our hearts and mind—but leave us more Christlike and able to give Christ (life) to men (Acts 20:32, 2Pet. 1:5-7, Rom. 8:18).
  7. Charity was the full-time love walk that enabled Jesus to attain a childlike nature at heart; the nature required to gain entrance into the Kingdom. By it, we attain the full age called Christ—and by it we overcome this world (Lk. 2:51-52, 2Pet. 1:5-7, Heb. 5:14a).
  8. In the sight of the Lord or in the light of most epistles, our Christlike walk or daily success can mostly be traced to how well or charitably we have sought things that are in the interest of others. Doing so will task our faith (Christ) formation and attract reactions from any residual worldly formation we still have within our soul (1Cor. 13:5, Phil. 2:3/20, Tit. 2:12).
  9. Charity was the full time love walk that kept beautifying Jesus until He successfully resisted this world and inherited the kingdom. And by addressing our dues of this kind of love towards men and the brethren; we also can gain entrance into the Kingdom of Christ and God. (Matt. 4:3-10, Rom. 13:8, 2Pet. 1:5-11).
  10. Christ is the true economy for the soul of every believer who wants to escape corruption. In His Faith is a program of life and godliness that separates us from this world — and make us godly. And in His love is a program that enables godly men to take the thoughts of God — as they head for perfection (2 Pet. 1:3-4, 1 Jn. 2:17, Ps. 82:1).


Tayo Fasan

You may kindly share if you have been inspired by this latest edition.

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