Looking Inward & Outward with the goggle of Faith- part 112.

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various thoughts from conversations under the sun, on another blessed day. Gracious Reading!

  1. A Christ like heart is a childlike heart; and it is rare among most adults because the process that would birth such involves seeking things that are in the interest of others – until we can delightfully or naturally do so (Phil. 2:4, 19-21).
  2. The ability to consistently respond to the cares and pressure of this present life – in ways that carnal believers can’t – is a sign that the power of the gospel (Christ) has become more tangible to us (1Cor. 2:15, 1Tim. 4:8).
  3. The best asset that man has ever had and kept, is the will of God, and the worst liability that man has ever kept, is the will of man. And only by the light of Faith and Love that is in Christ Jesus can we trade the latter for the former (Jn. 1:12-13, 1Tim. 1:14, Ps. 119:35).
  4. The thumb rule to experiencing an increase in the peace of the Lord upon our hearts, is by allowing Him bring to pass His promises or the desires of our heart; in His own way, time and resources (Phil. 4:6-7).
  5. The soulish delicacies of this world always inspire men to hate the life of faith and thereby love sin, but the spiritual delicacies in Christ helps us to purpose in our heart to keep denying the world and its lusts – until we are powered to adventure God’s abundant life (1Cor. 10:3-4, Tit. 2:12-13).
  6. Coming to God will remain an uphill task as long as our soul still has the goods of this world, or as long as we haven’t been purged of the thoughts and imaginations we conceived while we courted with the world (Heb. 11:6, 2Cor. 10:5, 1Jn. 2:15).
  7. If lifelong influences like our genealogy or race, were sovereignly determined by God; then, we should willingly bring our lifetime expectations under His Lordship by adding the clause “if the Lord wills” to all our prayers. And we are guaranteed God’s peace when we do so (Jam. 4:13-15, Jn. 3:27, Phil. 4:6-7).
  8. Every spirit-supervised trial of faith we would ever face in our lifetime, is meant to collect some of this world’s goods in our soul, and also increase our capacity to keep fighting until we can overcome this world and its prince (1Jn. 2:16/5:4-5, Jn. 14:30).


Tayo Fasan

You may kindly share if you have been inspired by this latest edition.

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