Counsels From The Word of Righteousness (Part 19)

Having loved us first, our Lord Jesus desires and deserves an unfeign love from us; a love fueled by His faith or by a constant supply of strength that can be fetched from the word that dispenses such counsels, and the following attempts to pay homage to this.

Dearly Beloved,

1. Being made sincere in the sight of the Lord or acquiring the sincerity in Christ comes at a cost; at the cost of putting behind us those things that can distract us from truly learning and winning Christ; things like our natural age, our reputation or edge among men, and our earthly status (1Cor. 5:8/1:27-29, 2Cor. 1:12). While doing so, we would find ourselves surrendering how we would have liked to be perceived before men (Gal. 2:11-14). And then can we journey to a place where we’ll end up acquiring an enduring reputation; the true status and age in the spirit called Christ (Heb. 5:14a/12:1)

2. According to the standard set by this world, a poor man is one who lacks a favorable or outwardly-comfortable natural status; or one who doesn’t have an edge over others socially or monetarily; but according to the resurrection, a poor man is one whose soul lacks a heavenly status or a spiritual inheritance at an expected season of life; one who can’t live by the grace of our Lord Jesus or who – at a given season of life – can’t bring measurements of God’s will into his daily conversations (2Cor. 8:9, Matt. 6:10, Phil. 3:20).

3. According to resurrection, a rich man is he who has true riches; who qualifies to be despised and hated by the world and by those who love her. He is one who knows that it is actually “God’s headache” to grace his efforts with increase or bless him abundantly, while it is his headache to primarily seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness first (Jn. 15:18, Matt. 6:33).

4. A breed of believers are being raised by the Lord today; who – like Jesus – would rather focus on the acquisition of eternal treasures that will see them reign as the true Kings of the earth and ultimately in the world to come (Mk. 10:21, Rev. 1:5d). Their watchword is focus (Matt. 6:22, 2Cor. 4:18). Their store houses are immune to stock market crashes. Their natural needs/economy isn’t subject to the principles of economics and, because of their obedience, the natural would respond to them supernaturally (2Cor. 10:6, Matt. 6:33).

5. No man has or can ever be introduced to what God calls ‘riches without sorrow’, except he has been exposed to and profited from the program of truth called ‘how not to live like the nations of the gentiles’, or except God’s righteousness has become more tangible to him than sin once was (1Tim. 6:10/4:8, Matt. 6:24-34). And no man can live without known and unknown fears, whose soul still dwells on earth or who hasn’t amassed the revelations of God’s righteousness (Rev. 12:12, 2Cor. 5:21).

6. One proof that the Lord has commissioned a new season where a believer should acquire true riches – is that, he would be surrounded with new opportunities to mind or seek the things of others – much more than he once sought his own things (Phil. 2:4, 2Cor. 5:14-15, 1Tim. 6:17-19). While doing so, we keep the teachings (or feasts) of faith, hope and Charity (Christ) – and thereby escape traps posed by various self-seeking lifestyles or by conversations that are prone to lust (2Pet. 1:4/2:20).

7. We adventure the life called sin whenever we feed or expose our soul to the lusts of the flesh/eyes, or to the pride of life, and as long as we keep doing so, we would keep touching, tasting or inching closer to death (Gen. 3:2-6, Rom. 6:23). We adventure the life called Christ as we acknowledge or feed on the truth called Faith, hope and Charity, and as long as we keep doing so, we keep living and prepare ourselves for a season where the true learning of God would begin (Rom. 1:17, 1Pet. 1:22/2:2). The knowledge of truth would gradually become a law (of truth) in us, and prepare us for the ultimate fellowship of the Son and Father (Mal. 2:6-7, Ps. 51:6, 1Jn. 1:3).


Tayo Fasan

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