Counsels From The Word of Righteousness (Part 7).

The following are inspired thoughts I found grace to fetch, while acknowledging truths that disrespect this world and celebrate the word of righteousness.

Dearly Beloved,

  1. The legitimate cares of this present life has been designed in a way and manner that most men would end up seeking it (food, clothing, shelter) at the expense of true life/inheritance (Christ); and the only way to escape that snare or disobey that arrangement is by going about it in a different way from how all carnal believers or unbelievers do: by rather seeking first the Kingdom and its righteousness – like they don’t or like Jesus did (Matt. 6:24-34).
  2. There is a definition of life and an enlightenment of how to go about our natural needs – that is traceable to the fall of man and subject to the corruptible life; one that has limited generation of believers from attaining God’s plan to save their souls (Rom. 8:20). That definition inspires men to build all sorts without being built within, and helps them build without stones/revelations (1Cor. 3:10-12, 1Pet. 2:7). By it, men calculate God out of their future and settle for an inferior life that limits them from rising above the soul status of a grass (1Pet. 1:24/Jam. 1:10).
  3. One proof in the Lord’s sight that we are truly holding unto the Faith (that Christ authored) or that we have surrendered our initial definition of life or our false hope for abundance for that of the gospel is that: our soul would have no other vain thing to hold unto or fall back to – but Christ (1Tim. 1:19/Lk. 12:15). Its a proof before heaven that the power of Satan (sin/this world) has lost its grip on us, and that our fall-back alternatives like monetary power, privileges and position have ceased to be our souls’ sources of confidence (Acts 26:18).
  4. A dead man isn’t bothered about anything; including the risk of contacting Corona virus (Rom. 7:3). His soul cannot be troubled by this present life because he is alive to another; he has been fully empowered not to respond to promptings and temptations from men or things; he is free from the laws of sin and death. Such is the empowerment being offered by the gospel of Christ and God; whereby we can excel in doing the will of God because we are dead to or separated from the will of man (Jn. 1:12-13, 1Pet. 4:1-2).
  5. For the Lord to remodel our hearts with the lowliness, gentleness and meekness found in Him and make Him become the center of attraction in our lives, He would have to employ seasonal experiences that we would always be tempted to despise the most; because they come at a dire cost to our ego and self-reputation before man (Exo. 3:1, Eph. 4:1-2). And such are the pruning of faith that would cause us to appreciate our soul’s salvation above everything else.
  6. A man who is constantly disobeying the dictates of his flesh would end up comprehending (or receiving) the things of God and becoming a gift (or blessing) to His generation (Rom. 8:13, 1 Cor. 2:13). His escape from the reach of corruption (lusts) and his coming to a place where his daily life can witness against sin, would be a matter of time. And this generation will not pass away without heaven harvesting many of such souls; many new born spirits whose eyes would see salvation; even God (Lk. 3:6, Heb. 2:10).
  7. We can’t claim to judge anything or matter righteously if our reference of judging falls outside the perimeter of what was once revealed to the man Christ Jesus – in the days of His flesh. (Isa 11:3, Jn. 5:30). As long as we don’t see what the Lord once saw or said in His word (or through the epistles) concerning a matter, we would err in judgment and our actions would come at some cost of life to our soul – if not also to others’ (Jn. 7:24, 1Cor. 4:5).
  8. No man can claim to be free from himself (sin) or from what he shares in common with natural men if he hasn’t been separated, empowered or saved by the gospel and God (Acts 26:17, Rev. 14:4, Rom. 1:16). In like manner can no man give Christ or God to men, if the gospel of Christ and/or of God hasn’t become his possession or inheritance (Eph. 1:14). And to live in these days and not attain this liberty and inheritance, is to have defeated the actual purpose why we ever lived (Jn. 17:2).


Tayo Fasan

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