Counsels From The Word of Righteousness (Part 8).

The following are inspired thoughts I found grace to fetch, while acknowledging truths that confront my will; that disrespect sin and celebrate the word of righteousness.

Dearly Beloved,

  1. After 33 years of uninterruptedly doing the Father’s will and of finding grace to deny His own will, our Lord Jesus was still being faced with opportunities to do otherwise; to have his decades of obedience spotted by doing own will (Matt. 26:39, Heb. 4:15). His only saving grace was that the revealed knowledge of God’s will that He fetched had translated into fear; into a holy reverence that constrained Him from doing otherwise (2Cor 5:14, Heb. 5:7-8/12:28).
  2. Doing God’s will or bringing Him pleasure according to the New Testament economy can only begin after a believer has grown beyond the use of faith to get (legitimately) earthly things, to learning and using the faith surrounding God’s will to look for things reserved in heaven for the elects; things that no unbeliever or carnal believer has ever sought (2Cor. 4:18, 1Pet. 1:4-5). And only by so doing can we deny our previous love for the world and mount upon Zion (1Jn. 2:15, Oba. 1:21).
  3. The soul of man can’t commit to a thing without sighting its hope, and it has to fight its former hope to have a new one installed (Rom. 4:18). The teachings of Christ through His apostles therefore had to birth a lively (or living) hope in men; the true hope for tomorrow; the hope of inheriting eternal life or of attaining unto God’s will (1Pet. 1:3, Col. 1:27, Tit. 1:2). Only thereby can the energies of our souls be unlocked and can we esteem the will of the Father above ours (Ps. 63:8, Jn. 5:30).
  4. The arrangements that limit men from doing God’s will and empower them to do their will; especially in certain seasons/occasions are usually put in place by Satan while men slept; when men were asleep to the righteousness of God meant to govern every issue and chapter of life (Matt. 13:25, Eph. 5:14). So, going against such arrangements is going against unrighteousness or a life called sin; and it will take enough storage of the faith and love in Christ Jesus to do so (1Jn. 5:17, 1 These. 5:5).
  5. Once the cycle of doing the good, acceptable and perfect will of God is completed, a believer has actually been shown great grace and mercy to hold his eternal inheritance or sit on God’s throne (Rom. 12:2, Rev. 3:21). Satan’s goal is therefore to ensure this cycle isn’t started or gets truncated, if started; and for us to ensure this plan doesn’t hatch, we must allow the Lord use every unpleasant looking situation to help us add patience to our faith until we are fully equipped to fulfill God’s will. What is actually at stake isn’t the losses or disadvantages that stare us in the face, but inheriting the Son and Father (Heb. 6:12, Rev. 12:14).
  6. The will of the Father can’t be done on earth or in our flesh if it doesn’t come at a cost to our will and our carnal expectations. The more our will (or human desires) suffers subjection, the more God’s will flourishes (Heb. 12:9-11). The more the heavenly orchestrated our delays and denials are, or our so called unanswered prayers, the more our will is being stretched to accommodate more of the Lord’s will; and the more qualitative the formation of Christ in us; even in that season (2Pet. 1:5-7).
  7. There are only two masters on earth; either of whom men willingly or unwilling serve or worship. One of them is in charge of ensuring that we don’t hold faith but, rather, live carnally by holding things without having held faith; things that end up holding and owning men (Matt. 6:24). And so, the most subtle use to which the devil has employed the legitimate things of this present life is to limit men from pleasing the Father by getting them to despise things to come (truth) while holding unto such ephemeral things (Matt. 13:22, Jn. 16:13, 1Cor. 7:31).


Tayo Fasan

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