Counsels From The Word of Righteousness (Part 5).

Dearly Beloved,

The following inspired thoughts were born while ruminating around *the word of righteousness.

1. No man has really been helped in God’s sight, without being taught how not to take thoughts for his life; thoughts that limits us from becoming childlike at heart. Jesus’ teachings were therefore centered around how to empower men to seek and live from above, while taking thoughts born out of God’s righteousness; words that proceed from the Father’s mouth.

2. True children live a day at a time; they are innocent and not self-seeking (Rom. 16:19). Actually, they become adults when they are exposed to the world by their parents and environments, or enlightened about a seductive life; about an imagination called tomorrow (Gen. 4-6, Matt. 6:34)! Children in the Kingdom are therefore those who have had such exposures (worldly sins) remitted, and have begun the actual adventure of a future called God or eternal life (Acts 26:18d).

3. There is a healing, comfort and separation from that corruptible or lust-prone life, that would only come our way when we begin to see how the Father sees us; even the love He bestowed upon those who have journeyed from faith and hope, through Charity; those who have acquired these childlike Kingdom formations in Christ that enables a soul to earnestly desire further appearances of God the Son; enlightenments that perfect (1 John 3:1-3, Heb. 6:1b, Matt. 5:48).

4. There is an access to the Father’s love that would unlock unknown reserves of peace and joy in our souls; that would only smile our way after we have allowed the Faith that resides in Christ to have its rightful place in our hearts (1Jn. 3:1, 1Pet. 1:8, Eph. 3:17). Such were the seasons of unspeakable joy that saints in the early Church once witnessed; when the faith of the Son increasingly meant to them what money once did to them or to us; and such are the blessed seasons that the word of righteousness is currently preparing the saints for (1Pet. 1:7-9).

5. One powerful reality that is better experienced than imagined, that the shield of the faith affords any mind that has been loaded with God’s righteousness; is that, it acts like a high-tech missile defense system over it (Eph. 6:16, 2Cor. 10:3-5). It would proactively bring down thoughts and imaginations that the devil throws at us; to condemn, distract, discourage or distabilize us; thoughts that border on our unfortunate past or that creates anxieties about tomorrow or our future (Isa. 26:3).

6. Without accessing the wisdom and spiritual understanding found in Christ, we would lack a foundation or a stand in the ground of truth (Col. 1:9, 1Tim. 3:15). But as we daily come under Christ, under the discipline of His Faith, we would escape the sinking sands of this world and the miry clays of carnality and can stand in grace (Ps. 40:1-2, Rom. 5:1-2). We would naturally disagreement with the lifestyle of the gentiles; and would have a ground to stand against the wiles of the adversary (Eph. 4:17-18/6:11).

7. How learned or truly exposed we are to the doctrine of Christ; and how faithful we are in keeping the commandments of life (for true living) that has been warehoused in Christ would determine how freely we can daily disobey sin or ignore the daily offerings from the world. It would determine the measure of divine power or the priestly stature called life and godliness, that we would acquire; even as we fully behold Christ (Mal. 2:5-6, 2Pet. 1:3).


Tayo Fasan

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