Counsels From The Word of Righteousness (Part 3)

Dearly Beloved Saints,

The following inspired thoughts were born while ruminating around the word of righteousness.

1. Without the word of Christ and the word of God being received and kept over time, we cannot lay down our will and embrace/do God’s will, neither can we bring Him pleasure after the order of the New Testament. We would only end up fainting while carrying our cross, and would lack the enablement to truly surrender our lives and, thereby, receive the Kingdom as our inheritance (Heb. 12:28).

2. One proof of progressing with the Lord’s program to separate us from the world and its lusts, and one hint that we are making progress with His will is that, thoughts and images from the world that previously used to entice us or trouble our peace would increasingly become obsolete and would be replaced by thoughts that stream from God’s righteousness, which would become our new treasure (Lk. 12:31-34).

3. The main warfare over the soul of believers is being waged by a king in the spirit called lust (Jam. 1:14). It rides on the vehicle of thoughts which, when attended to or processed, would become our meditation and demand our response. Lust-prone thoughts should be undressed from afar by the wisdom and power found in Christ and then arrested; lest we would be enticed by it (1Cor. 1:24, 2Cor. 10:5).

4. Lust has been a king in the spirit and a wisdom that thrives by selling the philosophy of gain (or advantage) around this present life (1Tim. 6:5-6). It can secure a lifetime partnership with anyone in whom Christ hasn’t found a habitation; even anyone who isn’t striving to be a learned professional of the righteousness of faith in Christ Jesus (Phil. 3:7-9). But Christ is gradually beholding a generation of believers who would not only reign over it, but also oversee the end of its reign in the lives of others (Rom. 5:17, Dan. 12:3).

5. There is a maturity we gained while we enjoyed being independent of the life of faith; an exposure that caused our soul to age negatively (Eph. 4:22). Being free from such corrupt exposures and losing that corrupt age that we gained in carnality from this world, would require us to (like Moses) go through the school of meekness and submit to the men God wants you use to deal a blow to our first formation/arrangement (Exo. 3:1). Only thereby can we acquire the (full) age called Christ (Heb. 5:14a).

6. The reign of death, even of the separations it brought between men and God, suffered setbacks during the days of Moses, because in him, God was able to raise the meekest man of his day (Num. 12:3, Rom. 5:14). The Meekness in Christ remains a violent instrument against the kingdoms of this world, a mysterious conversation that the enemy cannot gainsay; that limits the prosperity of sin and makes us heavenly enough to inherit or reign on earth (Matt. 11:12/5:5).


Tayo Fasan

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