Counsels From The Word of Righteousness (Part 4).

Dearly Beloved Saints,

The following inspired thoughts were born while ruminating around the word of righteousness.

  1. The true measure of our spiritual growth last year was traceable to how well we used our time and resources in a different way from natural men or carnal believers, and how well we fought the good fight of not taking thought for our lives (Matt. 6:25-34). Only thereby could we have confronted the hope of this world and inched closer to the hope of the gospel (Col. 1:27).
  2. In year 2019, no believer appreciated in his service to the Lord, or spiritually grew in grace; or truly appreciated in his grasp of God’s Kingdom above his ability not to take take thought for his life or for tomorrow (Matt. 6:24-34). Also, in 2020, there can be no true growth beyond our ability to see (or comprehend) the invisible things of God (Heb. 11:27, 2 Cor. 4:18).
  3. The most powerful and deceptive daily activity of the devil, is to draw our eyes to ourselves (Gen. 3:5-7, Matt. 6:22-23). He successfully used it on Adam and generations of men afterwards; but failed for the first time when he went after the eyes of our Lord Jesus. The Father had trained and empowered Him to look above; to take His eyes off Himself, off men and off things (Col. 3:1-2).
  4. The true healing, cleansing or separation from known and unknown fears comes while looking at the things that are not seen; while taking our eyes off things that induce fears (2Cor. 4:18). Fear became man’s profession, in the absence of the profession of the faith (in Christ), and it would only surrender as we journey to the end of faith; where and when love would be perfected (1Jn. 4:18).
  5. There are some of our (legitimate) needs that have or would become an idol, as long as the Lord hasn’t taken His rightful place in our hearts, or as long as we haven’t – like Father Abraham – entertained the dealings of faith that should limit such things from becoming an idol (1 Cor. 6:12). And only by the power of God inherent in the gospel (I.e. Christ), can we take our eyes off such idols (Acts 26:18).
  6. We would neither surmount the power of Satan (this world) nor end up mounting Zion, if we haven’t been empowered by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Father, to take our eyes off ourselves, off things and off men (Rom. 4:19-20). Sin came into man(kind) after man lusted after things present; and it can only be slain while keeping our eyes on the Father’s words (Matt. 4:4).
  7. When we don’t watch out for conversations that are contrary to Christ in our dealings with men, we automatically give room for the flesh and are prone to committing the sin of omission. Flesh, even our carnal nature, would always pull a fast one on us if we aren’t watchful and sober-minded; and armed with the wisdom in Christ for it.


Tayo Fasan

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