Looking Inward & Outward with the goggle of Faith-part 109.

Dearly Beloved,

1. Seasons when the person of Christ is being unveiled to us would always be accompanied with an unveiling of who we really are on the inside, or the measure of His life that we have actually trapped. Our actions, inaction, response or reactions to those who are ignorant or weak around us, becomes avenues to reveal the measure of Christ we actually carry (Heb. 5:2).

2. When the Lord allows the devil to taunt or to tell you a powerful lie that he hasn’t previously told you, or to bring a temptation that is intended to unlock a darkness he can still find in your heart; then He has given you the privilege of knowing and being comforted by some truths of scriptures like you previously didn’t; and to overcome some darkness within that you haven’t previously overcome (Ps. 18:28b, 1Jn. 1:5-8).

3. The only way we can escape what the devil is saying to us, especially when such temptations are to stop us from entering a new spiritual season or limit us from accessing the holy things and places in Christ Jesus, is for us to hear and respond to what the Lord has said or is saying concerning our lives (Heb. 1:1-2/3:7-8). By so doing, we keep contending for the faith in ways that would see us fetch an entirely new measure of life in Christ (Jude Vs. 3d).

4. One reason why we doubt or give up on the Lord, is because we already have alternatives to fall back on; alternatives to the life or power that the faith in Christ offers those who whole-heartedly subscribe to it. So what the lessons or dealings of faith come to do is to crucify or deal a blow to our alternatives to faith; so, like Father Abraham, the Lord and His commandments can become our only alternative in life (Rom. 4:18-22).

5. One very strong prescription for overcoming offence and attaining the blessing in Christ Jesus, is for us to see ourselves as a nobody outside whom the Lord has said we are and called us to be (Matt. 11:2-6/23:11). Most temptations would lose their strength, the day we start trading with this understanding.

6. Offence must have been born while Lucifer (the devil) was wrestling with the commandment of God in him; while he was tampering with the laws that was meant to check him from transgressing, like it still is till date when we wrestle with the commandments or chastenings that come our way, which are also meant to check us from going overboard or from denying and departing from the faith (Eze. 28:15, Rev. 2:13e).

7. If opportunities to be offended hasn’t come our way and hasn’t been overcome, then offence as a tendency or a nature is still lying dormant in us. The devil doesn’t want offence exposed and dealt with, and would rather have men enjoy life rather than go through trials that exposes it. So blessed is that believer who is prepared to overcome it aforehand; who has been strengthened through the feasts of faith unto Charity to seek the interests of others in relationships (1Cor. 13:5).


Tayo Fasan


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