Looking Inward & Outward with the goggle of Faith- part 110.

Another Look @ The Potentials & Prospects of The Faith that is in Christ Jesus.

Dearly Beloved,

1. In 2019, a 69 year old Taiwan citizen met his childhood classmate (class of 1966) at a reunion 53 years afterwards. He was still armed with fresh memories of the pain of being bullied by him 53 years ago, and he later shot him dead. If a soul can hold or keep grudge for 53 years, we should be able to keep or hold unto faith for much longer; unto the end or until we lay hold on eternal life? (1Pet. 1:9, 1Tim. 6:12).

2. Seasons when the Lord succeeds in hedging us around are seasons when we would hear the devil and the Lord like we previously didn’t. That is when we would have increased visitations of light (knowledge) upon our tabernacle (soul), and also exposures of a contrary light within called darkness (Job 10:12/29:4). That is when we are best opportune to – with the wisdom called Christ – fight the beast (sin) within us, and allow the birth or formation of Christ (in us) to be accelerated (Prov. 9:1-2).

3. There is a limited rapport with the Lord that a believer can have when he hasn’t been hedged around; when the bridges to his former life haven’t been completely burnt down; or when he can still trace his way back to his ways of former life. But when the Lord is able to hedge us around and capture grounds in our heart, He will reveal Himself to us like He previously couldn’t. What the faith that is in Christ does is to bring us there; to a place where we would take seriously the feasts of faith to Charity, so we can be empowered to live (in our flesh) by the faith of the Son (Gal. 2:20).

4. When the eyes of our heart haven’t been well fed or enlightened by the teachings of Christ from faith unto Charity, we can’t find contentment in God’s promise to save our soul. We would either settle for much less, or seek the validation and satisfaction that comes from other definitions of success in life or ministry (Eph. 1:17-18, 1Tim. 6:6, 1Pet: 1:9).

5. The soul of every believer should journey to a place where it finds grace to be content above all, with the primary provision of the New Testament; which is to utterly save our souls (Heb. 5:7/7:25). Otherwise, we would settle for other forms of hope outside the gospel of Christ; with the provisions and privileges of this present life, or find solace in things that would stand as a competition to inheriting eternal life (Col. 1:23).

6. The just shall live by faith so he doesn’t die outside faith. The just shall keep being separated from sin—until he is at peace with God. The just shall not respond to thoughts from beneath or to the fears of tomorrow, but to thoughts revealed from above. The just shall keep enduring the separations in Christ, until he can entertain the consecrations in God (Rom. 1:17/8:13, Matt. 6:33-34, 2Pet. 1:5-11, 2Cor. 6:16).

7. The devil specialises in helping us make a meditation out of the limitations that sin and death brought our way or to our soul and body. By it, he taunts us, wears out our emotions and say all sorts to us that should, and fortunately, get some to look up to God for comfort or healing. But the best of our human limitations (like we see in bible characters) are the best tools in the Lord’s hand to save our souls. They can be instrumental to our soul being taught faith and patience; to our our judgment being changed; even to a place where we can comprehend the ways of God (Ps. 103:7, Heb. 6:12. 10:36, Jas. 1:4).


Tayo Fasan


You may pls share with those who may be inspired likewise.

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