Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith)-part 108.

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh various inspired thoughts on prayers on another blessed day.

1.   Most thoughts that get us anxious are actually born out of our fears; out of our desire to have our expectations met in our way or time, and not the Lord’s. Such thoughts usually become the imagination of our hearts while we seek such things with a wrong motive or spirit; or while we act without weighing our intentions for such, with the words of Christ. So anxieties, fears and cares has remained a weight upon many hearts, because the words of Christ is yet to take its rightful place in our hearts (Col. 3:16).

2.   Seasons of the faith that is in Christ Jesus are such that would see a frame in us that easily gives up on God or His promise, being helped; even to a place where the Lord becomes our only alternative or plan “B”. This promises to bring us into a place in Christ Jesus where we would be strong in faith; where we would waiver not but always give thanks and glorify God for counting us worthy for our faith to be placed on regular trials (Rom. 4:20-21).

3.   Sin has a reputation for drawing our attention to ourselves; either to what we have gotten right over time so we can be at rest with our attainments, or to what we have gotten wrong over time so we remain anxious and live with the feeling of condemnation or of unfulfilment (Lk. 12:16-21, Phil. 3:12-14, 1Tim. 1:12-14). Faith has a reputation for painting pictures of victory ahead despite our past, and it thereby reassures us that we can still become whom God has called us to be, or attain our full inheritance in Christ Jesus.

4.   One of the things every believer would have to overcome while being empowered with God’s righteousness, is an anxious state of mind and the things that feed it or that it thrives on (Phil. 4:6). Anxiety is an unarmed robber that can linger for decades; one that ensures that the resources of ours souls are consumed with a wrong or unhealthy meditation or focus.

5.  To knock off deposits of anxiety from a man’s soul, or stop him from an unhealthy cycle of thoughts and meditation that drains the energy of his soul, simply help him see the hope of the gospel; the hope of an empowered lifestyle that is obtainable outside the hope of this world (1 Cor. 15:19, Psa. 19:8/119:111, Col. 1:23).

6.   God is raising a company of anxiety or stress-free believers on earth; even those who would be bothered by nothing but the issue of keeping the commandment that governs their relationship with men and with the devil. They would someday be able to sleep like babies do—or like Jesus did in a rocky boat, because their souls would be kept in perfect peace (Eccl. 12:13, Matt. 6:25-34, Isa. 26:3).


Tayo Fasan


You may pls share with those who may be inspired likewise.

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