Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 65

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various inspired thoughts, on another blessed day.

1.    Most interaction we have with vanity or with things that are vain in themselves but useful in our daily life, is meant to tell us something about a reality in truth and also cause us to appreciate/love truth the more. But when we don’t know or attempt to know, check and weigh what the holy scriptures says about many things, we would: miss out in a great learning opportunity, fall prey of the affection that such things call for, abuse its use or find a new idol in them, respond like carnal men do and also come under the long term influence/power of such things (1Cor. 6:12-13/7:30-31).

2.    Many believers came to Church looking for the world from Jesus, even for things that men lust after or don’t have the discipline/wisdom to manage; or things that the world would delightfully offer men who aren’t built within, all at the expense of life/strength from their souls. The world has since carefully wrapped itself around our legitimate carnal desires, most of which men seek/see as needs, and this is one reason why the Lord hasn’t/won’t answer some prayers, especially at a timing when we think He should. He is committed to empowering us for supernatural living and not to gratify our known/unknown lusts (Jam. 4:3, Matt. 13:22).

3.    The most sensitive and toughest vault on earth to guard is the heart of man, especially when some measurement of Christ’s life from above has found its way there through the keeping of commandments that are designed to keep the world out of it. The day our hearts begin to discern and keep such treasures called the riches of Christ, enemies of the heights who don’t want us to come over them would be alerted and start re-strategizing on how to offer us other weightier temptations like they did to our Lord Jesus at Jordan, so we can trade such riches and not journey to a junction in Christ where we would realize/define such riches as our life (Prov. 4:23, Matt. 6:21, Col. 3:3-4).

4.    Anything that can excite us but can’t unite us would most likely leave us disunited or otherwise minded (Phil. 3:15). Sin taught everyman to mind and do his own things rather than seek things that are in the interest of others or that should lead to men’s edification (Rom. 12:16, Phil. 2:2-4/20). It has since given to many believers today, a daily work to do – especially on social media, and only by the Faith Christ authored can we be empowered with wisdom to really know what our priorities in life really are (1Cor. 1:24b). To disregard the Lord’s counsel to exhort ourselves daily and to be always caught in the web of endless activities that have no bearing with our soul’s salvation, is to give room for sin to consolidate its nature in us or to be hardened thereby (Heb. 3:13).

5.    Many believers have embraced and profited from the fast from food; but there are other forms of fasting that we can really profit from today and tackle some of our carnal nature. Many have a compromised understanding of the gift called time or of the purpose of being alive today; and as such, need to fast from things that consume their time with little/no impact on the state of our souls (Eph. 5:16). For some, a social media fast or a cable network fast would allow them reconnect with their spirit (Eccl. 3:6-7, Jn. 9:4). We most likely all need to consider living a fasted life – from one stale routine/legitimacy or another, so we can free up some of our soul’s resource and regain some freedom from the grip that civilization has brought upon our souls (1Cor. 6:12/10:23).

6.    When the devil, through his cohorts, aims at our peace by regularly throwing fiery darts/thoughts at our hearts or showing us things that can dissuade us from following the Lord wholeheartedly, we are at the mercy of waiting on the Lord for strength to resist and respond to it with the commandments of Faith, even with the use of that armor. But when he uses the untreated/unexposed darkness in us to cook up imaginations about ourselves, men and God, even anti-love thoughts and imaginations that are meant to limit us from rightly responding to men and God, we are at the mercy of waiting on God and wrestling with the whole armor of God. (2 Cor. 10:3-5, Eph. 6:10-18)

7.    Blessed is that believer who has found the profound wealth/privilege of being surrounded by believing believers, even the household of faith that remains one of the best place and company on earth to serve and to invest time and resources into. Therein lies the economy of charity, where brethren prefer one another and money remains a servant or ceases to be a master. Herein do saints uncover the supernatural life where they find grace to be content with life and godliness, though despised by every carnal mind around. Hereby can believers address their indebtedness of appreciation/love unto the Lord and end up leaving their generation better than they met it.

8.    Nothing delays the receiving of healing, miracles, financial increase, favor before men and God or experiencing a much more supernatural life/walk than we have, like a believer’s attitude to the subject of submission or that of the salvation of the soul. No prayer/incense gets the attention of God’s ears/nostril, like that which aligns with this. So, the greatest obstacle or hindrance to our progress is not the devil but our ignorance or indifference to the counsels of the Lord on weightier matters of the New Testament.


Tayo Fasan


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