Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 64

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various inspired thoughts, on another blessed day.

1.   You need not give unto an ant the address of a pinch of sugar. You need not give unto unfeigned faith the address of charity (1Tim. 1:5). You need not give unto unforgiveness, the address of bitterness. You need not give unto sin the address of death (Rom. 5:21/6:23). You need not give unto divine power the address of divine nature (2Pet. 1:3-4). You need not give unto Christ’s Faith the address of God’s Love (Gal. 5:6, 2Tim. 1:13). You need not give unto the power of God the address of (eternal) salvation (Rom. 1:16, Heb. 5:9). The former will always naturally seek after and find the latter – in a matter of time (Deu. 4:29, Prov. 8:17).

2.   One work the world has wrought in men’s souls over generations is the birthing of a self-preserving philosophy that limits men from thinking outside the box/perimeter called “me, myself and I”; or “me, my family and I”. And unknown to men, even believers, this philosophy is a design of an angelic wisdom gone bad; one that subtly robs men of the true anthem called “me, my household, the nations and my generation” (Jos. 24:15, Acts 16:31). No man can escape this snare or see through its veil and then come into beauty and glory, without employing the power domiciled in the gospel of Christ, even the faith ordained for God’s elect (Isa. 4:2, Tit. 1:11, Jn. 1:12).

3.   The Lord Jesus didn’t authorize any believer to place their eyes on their fondly called “future”; even on anything that is prone to corruption or that fades away (1Pet. 1:5). Any dream that an ungodly man can call or brand as “his future”, was never prescribed by God and however rewarding it may look or be, we shouldn’t share such in common with men who are inwardly perishing but outwardly prospering (Prov. 1:32, Psa. 73). Everyman’s actual future is to become a new man/inherit God; and the path to this lifetime discovery is the faith in Christ Jesus, which empowers us to walk not like the ungodly, until we no more share any vain value in common with them and also live contrary to how sin, via the world, has commanded men to live (2Cor. 4:3-4, Col. 3:1-2, Psa. 1:1-2).

4.   There is a value system that man, even the present man, places on this present life, which comes at the expense of the life of godliness – that is meant to be revealed from one faith lesson/walk to another; and it simply helps men subscribe to the hope of this world (1Tim. 4:8). What the light of the epistles seek to do, is to help all men as it exposes to them, the actual hope designed for their souls which is meant to anchor our souls on our voyage/journey back to God. It enlightens us on how to place the right value on the economy/lifestyle that Christ’s faith offers, so they can become free from the grip/influence of this world and of things present; and also free to serve or truly love the Lord (1Cor. 6:12, Lk. 1:74).

5.   When we wax strong in a mental picture of ourselves, or of what we have attained/become as we age naturally, appreciate in the count of years we have been in the faith or increase in the anointing, we’ll never really see the need to grow in humility (Phil. 2:2-8/3:3-13). These additions have a way of taking our eyes off the person, essence and secret of the Lord until it becomes an uphill task for us to humble ourselves to learn what the Lord wants us to learn per time; and to do so how, when and where He so prefers, and to also do so to the degree He expects us. Everyone who overcomes this nature would become a prepared vessel before the Lord, would fetch adequate grace to climb/mount Zion and should end up sitting on God’s throne (Phil. 3:13-15/2:9).

6.   Every conversation under the sun has a commandment of faith meant to govern it; be it between brethren, companions, superiors, subordinates and even our enemies (Eph. 6:1-9, Lk. 6:27-35). By so doing, we celebrate the truth and appreciate in true freedom; and also gain the life needed to keep other fresh commandments coming from the Lord, until we can come into a season where we can keep/obey His word, even the last dosage of commandments that fashioned Christ to embody the abundant life in God or to become the Son of God (Jn. 14:21/23, 1Jn. 2:3-5, Rev. 3:8d-e). When we do otherwise, we entertain fear and keep a commandment outside faith, which leads to the lose life (Rom. 14:23b).

7.   There is a season when the Lord Jesus desires to be able to relate with believers in His capacity as the most little child of the kingdom; as the meek one among meek ones who have become little children by virtue of an entrance being granted them into God’s kingdom, even those whose sins are remitted by their faith walk (Matt. 18:2-4, Isa. 11:6, Matt. 11:28-29, Acts 26:18). He desires to do so, so He can lead us until we arrive Zion where we would be clothed with salvation by the God of salvation (Ps. 18:46, 25:5, 27:9, 51:14, 68:20). Such are they who, like the Philadelphia Church, wouldn’t deny His name (His Faith) and would keep His word, even the commandments of God (Love), until they inherit His testimony (Rev. 3:7-13).

8.   The moment we take the eyes of our hearts off the Christ or off His commandments that emanate from the tree of life, we would find ourselves simultaneously placing them on another commandment that emanates from the other tree; even the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that warehouses the world and its wisdom. We would also find as very useful, a light called darkness; and would end up placing our minds ahead of our hearts and our hearts ahead of the Spirit, which is a good synonym for being carnal.


Tayo Fasan


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