Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 66

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various inspired thoughts, on another blessed day.

1. The soul of David was tailor-made, in the sheepfolds, to wear a particular meek and kingly mantle needed to lead Israel in the way of the Lord. The soul of John the Baptist was tailored-made in the wilderness to wear a particular prophetic mantle that was hanging in the realm of the spirit. The soul of Herod was tailor-made by the devil – in kings’ houses- to wear a particular mantle of pride that was hanging in the realm of the spirit. We can only end up being equipped and serving our generation according to the will of God if our souls can be tailor made in Christ, in trying seasons where we hardly know what next, when, like David and John, we are unknown and unheard by men, or while living on every word proceeding out of the mouth of the Father (Matt. 11:7-10).

2. One thing the Lord would like to teach believers, even as many as are willing to give Him the opportunity to, is that, there are some of our personal and non-personal needs that don’t necessarily need to be quickly addressed monetarily. Some of them can wait, and while doing so, some would be addressed or borne by others, even those whom the Lord would lay it on their hearts to do so, and some, if at all, would only qualify as a need for another time. By so doing, we would tap into a different economy in Christ meant for the saints than that which we academically knew about. Our souls would also fetch strength in the process of doing so; and learn to always live from within (Matt. 6:25-33, 1 Tim. 6:6-12)

3. There is a yoke upon the soul of everyone who toils or lives like unbelievers and carnal believers do; on those who haven’t consistently sought things that are primarily in the interest of others; things that should help us become godly. But as we sit at the feet of the Lord’s servants and acquire the knowledge of truth and salvation, we break such yoke and become meek enough to take upon us His burden. (Matt. 6:25-33, Rom. 11:26, Matt. 11:27-29).

4. There are situations that look favorable to us, where the Lord can’t really confront/reveal who we really are to us or expose the things that really secretly motivate us to follow Him or to identify with something new around a course that bears His name. The Lord in His wisdom, therefore, would orchestrate situations and seasons that may not look favorable to our heart configurations, one where He can humble us, set our eyes solely on the pursuit of His life or on the saving of our souls. He expects us to respond to this coming of His by confronting our former attitude and heart motives, with the very light He is shining, so we don’t draw back/hearken to the enemy’s revelations that seek to devour us from a God-ordained sheepfold, in the season ahead.

5. The Lord can’t promote or help a believer at some appointed seasons if He can’t orchestrate situations where we would find ourselves responding to the demands of the meals of His life/faith we have partaken of and constrained to engage headlong, our love for this world or for its things that pass away. That would also limit a chapter that should see Him approve of temptations from the god of this world – that target the love of our life, which we have to overcome in and out of season until we are redeemed from amongst men and from the end, and fully reconciled with God’s throne.

6.    Our carnal nature thrives on eyes (reasoning/judgment) that was darkened in Eden after man’s sight was blinded through disobedience. One experience that limits this nature from thriving or from writing chapters of our lives, is when our souls is brought into the (narrow) way that leads to the person of Truth and ultimately to the life of the Father, where it is subjected to process(es) that will put it under, even via the leading of the Spirit. This is where kingly natures of our flesh, like King Agar, would cry for mercy to be spared; but hearkening to such a cry, like Saul did, would always cost our souls the loss of life, and this is the only place where we are permitted to be merciless (Matt.7:14, Jn. 14;6).

7.     However anointed/gifted a believer is or however long he became born again, if the Lord can’t try his faith or usher him into a season that are unfavorable to his carnal frame/nature or one that places a demand on the endurance of the Faith in Christ, where/when the Lord can wean/take his eyes off himself, off things, off men and off his former perception of the future, such a believer would hold a wrong perception of himself and won’t migrate from knowing/receiving Jesus as his Savior to knowing/receiving Jesus who is the Christ; and ultimately to knowing/receiving Jesus who is the Son of God (Rev. 3:15-18, Eph. 1:15-18, 1Jn. 5:13/20).

8.     The more of the good fight of faith we engage in, the more we can sight the life of eternal life and the more we – through Christ, would live in God’s sight. So when we aren’t consistently feeding on the carcass or pastures Christ that has provided, via His walk, for everyone destined to become an eagle believer, we would be ill-prepared for the fight of faith that should fetch us life. Fresh pastures/revelations concerning the Son and the Father have, therefore, been intensely visiting the earth, even the sons of men who are meant to graze on it until they are well prepared/become attractive to new trials, where new volumes of life from above would be fetched for more overcoming, until the world and the god of this world are someday overcome (Ps 23, Acts 17:28, Matt. 24:28, 1 John 5:4).


Tayo Fasan


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