Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 63

Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 63

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various inspired thoughts, on another blessed day.

1. Very many Christians don’t know what they are holding back from Christ Jesus or what they are yet to count as loss that they might win Christ; and are also ignorant of the consequences of such, all because of a working called the power of Satan – that supervises every ignorance/assumption in us (Acts 26:18). Most also don’t know what they are holding back from God or things they are yet to count as dung that they might come into the excellent knowledge of God in Christ Jesus, because the enlightment for this penultimate chapter of life can only be fetched after learning or being conformed to Christ (Phil. 3:8-10).

2. Everything the devil reveals to us is to show us how we are limited in the path/race he crafted for men to run, on the course of this world (Eph. 2:2). He always shows us how disadvantaged we are in various relationships, how we have to be wise and seek our own thing/interest, and thereby live by the same principles running the corporate world. He thereby offers many a favorable alternative or competition to the faith in Christ that overthrows the world; and by caressing such offers, we get anxious and long for the peace, composure of mind and nerve, which are needed to continue steadfastly in the faith or wrestle down such thoughts that are opposed to the dictates coming from our spirit (Col. 1:23, 2:8).

3. When we say there is only one faith in the New Testament, or that “faith” is “faith”, or we don’t demarcate the faith that is in Christ (which is the Faith of the Son referenced in Hebrews 12) from the faith whose feats made up Hebrew 11, we are yet to rightly divide the word of truth; and are yet to preach Christ and Him crucified. We are denying ourselves, and men within our cycle of influence, of discerning and potentially overcoming this world; and would spend many years raising a mountain that won’t be able to host or accommodate the Lord and the Father.

4. One of the cleansings of our souls that will take place while journeying from faith to faith, especially while partaking of the feasts of charity, is that of wrong thoughts and imaginations outside truth, which we previously nurtured concerning those around us; even every lame perception of fellow men that can’t be traced to the mind of Christ (Rom. 1:17). We need to be healed of such soul infirmities/diseases, developed consciously and unconsciously, towards those whom we feel insecure around or threatened in the secret of our hearts by the strengths or “edge” that some seem to have over us (Ps. 103:1-3).

5. Every believer that won’t remain a captive of, or prisoner of vanity, even a servant of sin that may end up becoming a servant of corruption, will have to make the choice of sitting under the gospel of Christ – to be fashioned into a gracious prisoner of Christ who can hope to someday inherit God’s glory or become a son of God (Rom. 6:17, 2Pet. 2:19, Rom. 5:2). The faith warehoused in this gracious gospel is from above; and it empowers us to deny the activities of the power of darkness that pressurize us to exercise our right to do our own will or quietly distance ourselves from becoming a prisoner of the Lord; or remain under the preeminent definition of life/achievement in today’s world. (Tit. 2:11-13).

6. By heaven’s seeming lack of response to some of our requests on things that have a spiritual undertone, we are being delivered from the things of man, even our unknown sins/soul infirmities best known to our spirit-man and are being prepared to receive the things of God in Christ Jesus, even things that bother on our inheritance in God which are meant to enable us come into unknown chapters of our soul’s salvation. Such are the seasons that heaven empowers us with the comfort of truth that will prepare us to give comfort to men who will someday go through such experiences. (1Cor. 2:11, 2Cor. 1:1-2).

7. No man at new birth, or even years afterwards for most, came to the Lord – seeking for the God of salvation. No man came looking for the word of righteousness that exposes/nurtures believers in the nature of Christ and God. We just wanted one deliverance or a need addressed; and didn’t know what it meant to seek the Christ for God or seek Him who will give rest/salvation to our souls. It is only while being wholeheartedly enlightened on Christ, even His Faith, that a believer would realize for the first time what his primary and uttermost need in life is, which is to be able to love as God loves, by having the Son and Father find an abode in him (Ps. 14:2-3, Jn. 14:21/23).

8. The gospel can go as far as causing us to partake of God’s glory, as long as we can humble ourselves to learn Christ or learn of His inward constitution of lowliness and meekness of heart (2Thes. 2:14, Eph. 4:20). No believer can ever attain/inherit God’s glory, who fell short of remaining under those whom the Lord purposed, raised and graced to feed/shepherd them in strategic seasons of their lives, so they can be fed/grown above their enemies. Our ability to selflessly choose and purposefully relate with such under-shepherd of the Lord, would determine if the goodness and mercy of the Son and Father, would ultimately become tangible realities in our lives (Ps. 23, Isa. 25:7).


Tayo Fasan


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