Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Christ’s Faith) – Part 39

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various thoughts from conversations under the sun, on another blessed day. Gracious Reading!

1.    When all is well with a believer who is striving to become all that the Lord has called him to be, the devil will bring strong arguments from the world within and without, claiming all is not well. He will do so by tabling out well-dressed thoughts that sounds right and true, and that looks like it’s from above. When all is not well with a believer, the devil through the world within and without, will bring strong comforts that would make that believer strongly feel that all is well. (Job 1:6-12).

2.    The leading of the Spirit is a leading against a life of ours which is of no use to us and to others, so we can acquire a life from above that would be of use to ourselves and to others; even an anointed life called Christ, that empowers whoever truly subscribe to it to gradually comprehend and inherit God.

3.    Taking your eyes off things that gratify your flesh, or things that aren’t worthy of your meditation, even legitimate looking things and aspirations that competes with the things and thoughts of God, and getting them fixed on the Lord, can take as long as you are taught and empowered by the gospel of Christ and of God, to be separated or dead to those things. (Rom. 1:1/16, Phil. 3:5:13).

4.    All believers are called to an inheritance/lot in God, which was ordained by God; one they can fall short of through their life choices or attitude to the faith. So our faith-to-faith walk and response to the leading of the Spirit, or our willingness/unwillingness to keep faith commandments in each season, would determine whether or not we will fall short of our lot in God, or end up as sons in the kingdom, and to what pedigree of sonship we would ultimately attain. (Isa. 1:19-20, Rev. 3:21-22).

5.    What empowers a lack of fervent desire for spiritual enlightenment in a believer, which he needs to partake of grace and growth in every season, is ignorance. The degree of ignorance in a soul is the degree he is unenlightened about the man Christ Jesus. Nothing aids this like our love for darkness or our craving for a light outside Christ, and nothing addresses this like a right attitude to His revelations. (Eph. 4:17-18, 1Jn. 1:7).

6.    One beautiful thing the word of righteousness does when skillfully taught, is that it exposes what the world really is, how we fell in love with it, and how by not having a plan against it, we already had a plan to love it to the end. It also unveils why we must love the ministration of the Spirit that reveals righteousness, and why we must endure the seasons of sufferings that targets the world in us, so we can be turned to Christ and ultimately unto God. (Heb. 5:13-14, 1Thes. 1:9-10).

7.    The degree to which the Lord by His Spirit and through the ministrations of the word of righteousness, can expose darkness within us, is the degree to which darkness would end up being potentially judged in us. The degree to which He can lead us through painful experiences and trying seasons that constrains us to seek God like we wouldn’t have, is the degree to which the nakedness of sin (our innate nature) can be exposed, fought and overcome.

8.     When a believer says NO to the training that can only be fetched through trying times or the wilderness season where Christ can be experientially learnt and received, we are by implication saying NO to being raised as sons. But when our response is YES, then comes ceaseless temptations to escape that dealing and do something of our own, or to respond outside the nature of God’s power (Christ) to a pull of lust, or to defend ourselves with a wisdom outside that of the cross, or to fall short of that process where God certifies His ministers or witnesses.

9.     One of the first prescriptions for treating foolishness in a soul, is to humbly acknowledge that we had a lot of it when we came into the Christian faith, that it survived years afterwards, and that we can only become free from it to the degree to which we sight the conversations of wisdom stored up in Christ Jesus. To say there is no God, is foolishness of the highest degree. To say God exists and go against His laws, is also due to lack of wisdom (Christ formation) or a presence of foolishness.

10.    The true Christian faith is a wisdom that teaches us how to die daily to sin, and how not to die daily to our actual life which has been kept beyond the reach of corruption, even in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. It trains us on how to give up everything, yet possessing all we truly need, so we can truly follow God with our hearts. It enlightens us that man’s actual problem isn’t monetary, economic or social, but a law called sin, and that the solution to this is a superior law found only in Christ’s Faith.


Tayo Fasan

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