Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Christ’s Faith) – Part 40.

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various thoughts from conversations under the sun, on another blessed day. Gracious Reading!

1. Nothing is as delightful to the flesh, even the carnal nature, as doing things in our way, at our time and with our resources. Nothing humbles and starves the flesh, even the carnal life, as doing the Lord’s things, in the Lord’s way, at the Lord’s time and with the Lord’s resources.

2. The place of absolute trust in the Lord concerning a thing, is the the place of death to an uninspired thought or imagination; or the place of being truly thankful, or the place of unfeigned response to Him in love, or the place of total unwillingness to do anything emanating from your will, or to do anything outside what we see and hear from above, which is the place of perfect peace.*

3. Without taking your eyes off yourself, off men and off things present, your eyes will remain polarized and pluralized, and as such, can’t be placed on Christ, neither can it be single enough to someday sight God or discern Him. There is also no way under heaven you can do this without the ability to hear and see what preachers of righteousness have to say and paint about the man Christ Jesus.

4. When a believer gets born again, the devil, through the world present in him, still has a stake on his soul; and the Lord, through His Spirit, dwells in his spirit. Though he is Christ’s, he would yield to carnality as long the world still comfortably dwells in him; and making him truly spiritual or alive to Christ can only take place by bringing his soul into Christ or by making the power of the gospel operational in his life.

5. Most conversations between saints, in thoughts or deeds, that take place outside the use of an enlightened eyes, or from a heart yet to be raised in spiritual understanding through God’s righteousness, are carnal, and deny the Father of His due pleasure. Such are walks governed by the flesh, carried out outside the standard of faith, hope and charity, and with a light contrary and inferior to the light of the holy place, even Christ.

6. If you know the quality of the resources put together by God to make you partake of good success, or to make you great in His sight, or to grant you access to His law/life, or to make you wiser than the god of this world by firstly making you a Christ under the Christ (i.e. an anointed one under the Anointed One) and ultimately a god (i.e. judge) under God, your disposition to life will take a dramatic turn.

7. As we become separated or dead to things the Lord is delivering us from, including cares that look legitimate, they would no more matter to us, or interrupt our peace, neither would they be a source of temptation to us, nor would they have the power to drag us out of life.

8. No man on earth knows who he really is, until he sees himself in the mirror of the gospel, until he sees the real image of the first owner of that gospel, Christ Jesus. But as we are thereby helped to see, we would realise that our will has been the only thing standing against God’s will and His precious promises to us. We would appreciate the need to be delivered from that nature, and to daily pray for the revelation of God’s will in our lives.

9. The more our souls become exposed to, or acquire the substances of righteousness that caused our spirits to be seated with Christ at new birth, the more we would know how terrible the things of man are. The more we would be willing to pay the price of being separated from them and from the things that came by every contrary birth from that of God’s will (1Cor. 2:11, Jn. 1:13).

10. One beautiful thing that the faith of the New Testament affords those who truly find grace to subscribe to it headlong is that, it builds a holy anger in them against the world and all that it represents. It keeps exposing the ways of sin to them, until sin ceases to be a mystery to them. It also empowers them to pursue, overtake and recover all that sin stole from them through the fall.


Tayo Fasan

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