Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 24

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Christ’s Faith to weigh all conversation and filter all thoughts under the sun.

Graceful Reading!

1. In the natural, we take our clothing materials to a tailor to create a design, but in the spirit, we are the material that God hands over to the Holy Spirit – to a divine tailor/designer who specializes in trimming our worldly arrangements into pieces, and sewing or rearranging us into the image of Christ (1Kgs 6:7/Eph. 2:20). His office is the wilderness, His pair of scissors is the commandments of Faith and Love, and the outcome is always customized (Gal. 5:6/Eph. 2:10/Col. 3:10)

2. Very many believers go into the academic and business world with a carnal mind; with little or no understanding of the essence of the salvation of the soul. or of the faith that can discern and overcome it – and I was one of them some 16yrs ago, and until the Lord arrests that blind state of heart via the light of the gospel (Eph. 4:17-18/Acts 26:18), we would do everything there but walk against the course of this world; against its subtle arrangements, hopes and philosophies, and rather than go through such systems, it would go through us, leaving some morally upright but more carnal; it will freeze the pursuit of God’s calling upon the lives of some and later leave some offering God their attention and service with their old bones (Eph. 2:2/1Cor. 15:19/1Jn. 5:19/3Jn. 1:2/Rev. 17:6c).

3. There is nothing like an off-white state in the realm of the spirit. It is either: darkness or light, sin or faith, life or death, from above or from beneath, corruptible or incorruptible, clean or unclean. In like manner, we are either for the Lord or against Him, we either end up living by the power of Christ (His faith) or remain under the power of Satan – i.e. sin (Acts 26:18/1Pet. 1:5/2Tim. 1:8/2Cor. 13:4).

4. In the economy of the New Testament, the Godhead never approved of the use of the milk of the word (1Cor. 3:1-2/Heb. 5:6/6:2c-e) forever, or beyond some seasons, i.e. after it has enabled us to trade off our milk tooth. So if after years from being born again, we can only relate with or trust God for promises of this present life (i.e. healing, material prosperity etc), then there is something wrong somewhere. We are yet to begin walking in the spirit, and our hope for living is not yet that of the gospel (Col. 1:27/Eph. 1:15-18/Col. 1:9-11.

5. How to live outside faith, is the design of a life anointed by the god of this world, and handed over to mankind after Cain went ahead to uncover sin, and then departed from God’s presence, and built cities. How to live by God’s faith (power) is the design of a truly anointed life, handed over to mankind after Christ entered into God’s presence, so that men can be built to become suitable habitations for God’s dwelling; so our souls can be fathered to become new born spirits (Gen. 4:7-16/Heb. 9:24/12:9/3:3-6).

6. When a man hasn’t experienced a thing, he won’t know that it is both more and less than what he thinks it is. Take marriage for example. The expectations for many are fueled by plastic excitements, wishful dreams, and with quite some bulk ignorance of God’s actual expectation on it, and only by experience can one unlock the process, purpose, pleasure and power meant to save his souls. So it is with the Faith of the Son. Some are quick to assume they know it, not knowing that experiencing it would transcend this present life into the next – like Jesus once did and still lives by that power (Heb. 6:5/2Cor. 12:4).

7. Every ignorance of man is controlled from a command centre; from the realm of authority over the earth that Adam occupied before the fall – i.e. from the air (Eph. 2:2/1Thes. 4:17b/Rev. 12:7-9), and the goal of the New Testament is to stop this; to stop unbelievers and believers from its influence by granting them access to the light of the gospel. So man’s problem is not economic, social or biological; rather, it’s his ignorance – what he hasn’t received by learning, because, unlike our Lord Jesus, man is too busy to learn God’s very life and thereby grow above the enemy’s command centre or grow above the air.

8. Behind most int’l passports is written “this document remains the property of the federal republic of …”, because citizenship of a country is an honor that its citizens can be stripped of, just like some who once became citizens of God’s kingdom once were (2Pet. 2:20). After many years of hearing, practicing, preaching, professing and entering the kingdom, one can be tempted to equate that for being fully sealed or redeemed, and then tempted to transgress its laws and turn back. (Eph. 1:14/2Pet. 2:20). After escaping the corruption and lusts of this world by the Faith of the Son, the ministry of turning or of change must continue until we abundantly enter the kingdom are sealed with the name/nature of the Father (2Pet. 1:4/10-11/Ps. 80:3-7/Rev. 14:1/Matt. 28:19c-d).

9. If a believer can’t be taught how to fight the world daily, or how to live daily from that realm which Christ called “above”, or how to live by Christ’s Faith, his exploits or walk would most likely remain inferior to that of notable Old Testament saints, many of whom weren’t as weak in their souls as men are today. What then becomes imminent is to deny God the pleasure or walk of the New Testament, and not a few end up realizing this when they get to heaven (Col. 1:9-11).

10. God in Eden, via His righteousness, authored revelation as a way in which He would reach and transact with man. The devil, via the world, authored religion as a way in which man would satisfy his religious instincts and transact outside God’s revelations. Like fig leaves appealed to Adam as a covering after the fall, so does religion today. When we cross out of a relationship with God based on the daily revelations of Christ, we step into religion; into a world of revelations from flesh and blood; or into a form of faith that is lacking in godliness or God’s power (Gen. 3:7c/Rom. 1:16-17/Matt.16:16/2Tim. 3:5).

Pst. Tayo Fasan

Kindly share if blessed/inspired to do so

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