Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 23.

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Christ’s Faith to weigh all conversation and filter all thoughts under the sun.

Graceful Reading!

1. Many times the Lord smiles and laughs in humour over some of our prayers and cries to Him, especially on lingering issues that get us ruffled or mountains that seem so big and infinite. On the contrary, we should use those same critical looking moments, to celebrate how big and infinite God is, and spend some more quite time in prayers – saying nothing, adventuring the art of being still before Him and waiting for the Spirit to help our inability to pray as we ought. (Rom. 8:26)

2. The goal of the epistles is to expose flocks (companies of believers) to the power of Christ, so that souls that were previously scattered by messages and philosophies that unknowingly instilled fear, can be healed, rearranged and brought into a state of stillness and receptivity to God – like they once were to the world, and by proxy, the devil. (Jer. 23:1-4/Ps. 23:2-3)

3. Under the very presence of Jesus, the Creator made flesh; while He was growing sons of the new creation that can handle the trumpets of God; while as a Son of Faith, He was growing (being perfected) from being the Christ to becoming the full blown Son of God, Judas Iscariot, grew to become a son of perdition that could sell Jesus for 30 pieces of silver! Don’t joke with the voice/sayings of Sin! Don’t also joke with the voice/sayings of Faith! It would raise (grow) two kinds of sons in these last days! (2Thes. 2:3/Heb. 2:10-11/5:8)

4. When believers realize how many spiritual robberies the world carries out on their souls daily – without any physical ammunition, they would be permanently angry with the world and look forward to all the comforts of light from Christ’s Faith that can immune and equip them against the world. We have many unacknowledged loss of life that took place before and after we got born again. It is only after we begin to hear the Faith of the Son that the Lord can arrest/hedge us around and show us such details. (Lam. 3:7/Jn. 21:18)

5. There are devils/wicked spirits you won’t be given the opportunity to confront and overcome until you have earnestly responded to and kept faith with the commandments surrounding ministrations of truth that have come your way; to demands that should see you strategically change or appreciate in your spiritual walk, thereby cleansing your garment and bringing in another spiritual season/climate upon your soul.

6. Any material prosperity that comes before adversities (trials) supervised by the Holy Spirit, would definitely gratify our lusts (Prov. 1:32b/Gal. 5:17/Jam. 4:3). God in His wisdom, prescribed adversity (faith trials) for the true prosperity of our souls so that we would get rid of the lustful nature we inherited through the fall of man, patiently regain possession of our souls and overcome the temptations that accompany material prosperity; lest we trade Him (our inheritance) for silver and gold – like many generations of believers have. (Jam. 1:3-4/Lk. 21:19)

7. A believer whom God can’t train to be contented or faithful with little is one who won’t gradually trade his things (depraved nature) for God’s godly things and nature; that is, pearls or true riches that should make him attain godliness.

8. There are some disobedience – some lingering issues traceable to the fall in our lives and in those of our children; even in those tied to our loins/womb naturally and spiritually, which should be avenged by God as we acquire much more tangible degrees of walk in the Spirit; when we fulfil some specific faith/love walk as revealed by the Spirit. (2Cor. 10:6).

9. The things of man are the things FROM a tree that corrupted man after receiving it by revelation; even corrupted treasures that always fail. The things of God are good things OF the heights and also FROM a tree; things that must be revealed and received by the matured; treasures kept IN heavenly places IN Christ that don’t fail. By fully acquiring the latter, our hearts would have enough riches to access all heavens (heavenly places) in Christ Jesus, and therefore, be qualified to govern in the world to come. (Gen. 3:5-7/1Cor. 2:9-12/Lk. 12:33-34/Eph. 1:3)

10. If the Lord has commanded us to serve Him with all our heart, mind, strength and soul, then the world is 100% against that commandment and goes about it with a sophisticated wisdom. So what is actually limiting us from giving the Lord our all is a legitimate and well-ordered arrangement that seems right in everyone’s eyes, which will remain so as long as our eyes hasn’t been equipped or anointed with the same quality of righteous judgments that Jesus acquired via his three decades walk of obedience; from Faith to Faith – UNTO salvation (Rom. 1:16a-b/1Pet. 1:5/9); or from Jerusalem to Jordan (where He completed faith course – as a well beloved Son of Faith) UNTO Gethsemane (where He fulfilled His Love course). Lk. 2:42-Matt. 3:17

Pst. Tayo Fasan
Kindly share if blessed/inspired to do so

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