The Journey So Far (August 2015 – August 2016)

Dearly Beloved,

Ministrations have come with greater intensity in the last one year, such that has left many saints with a holy fear. Jesus has been unveiling His Father here and there and this gradually committed the father’s approval of newer experiences and unveilings of the riches of His grace that was kept in Christ Jesus. This set in motion a chain reaction that led to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father and of Christ (Col. 2:2) – like they once succeeded in doing among many in the early church. Unknown to us, each of these mysteries had their interpretations and needed to be understood as we draw closer to God.

Great lights concerning the two immutable aspects of their oath (their Faith and their Love) kept visiting at an alarming frequency, and many who started out being poor in spirit appreciated into measurements of contriteness of heart, while not a few of those who had graduated into contriteness experienced degrees of trembling, all in fulfilment of Isaiah 66:2 prophesy.

So after years and decades of tarrying with the Faith of the Son; after years of consistently waiting on the divine life resident in Christ’s faith, a foundation was laid and souls were being gracefully built in a manner that would culminate in men attaining divine naturethe only suitable habitation for God. The Faith that overcomes the world gradually became the common denominator and the conversation of not a few believers and households of faith, and the curriculum of abundant life called the love of God has since ceased being a distant reality.

Without controversy, heaven can witness to a reality in this generation – that in AD 2016, packets of believing believers found great mercies before God to appreciate further in their secret place experiences with the Lord Jesus. Many journeyed through the consecrations guaranteed by the sounding of the trumpets governing divine life, and this caught the father’s attention and committed him to quake thunderously with fresh revelations concerning his divine nature, leaving many with a foretaste of the shadow of the almighty.

Through the divine alignment of the expectations of this generation of saints with that of the godhead, the cry of creation for the raising of many matured sons has been receiving an unusual attention. Sons of Faith and Sons of Love are being born and their simple secret remains their ability to entertain the Feasts (trumpets) of The Son which would always culminate in the Feasts (thundering) of The Father. A generation is therefore set to entertain the sealing of the name of the son and of the father respectively. (Acts 28:16e/Rev. 14:1)

Believers Convention 2016 with a theme “Utterances of The Father” is one of the responses of heaven to the clueless times and season we live in, and you are earnestly encouraged to be a part of this 7-day feast (from the 14th-20th August) in person or virtually ( or from 9am – 1:30pm & 6pm-9:30pm daily).


Tayo Fasan




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