The Man-Child Company

Dearly Beloved,

God the Father once conceived a risky thought! Outside the godhead, He desired to see man, seated by Him and dwelling in Him! He consulted with the oracle of the godhead; God the Word, and found the same interpretation and expression of this dream of His. God the Spirit witnessed to the fact that because of a series of hiccups by the disobedience of an angel and of the first man, the father’s expectation would come to light after six days, according to their calendar.

The godhead was on the same page regarding the pursuit to find a company of sainted souls who would be an answer their longing. They clearly defined the traits of this company as one that would learn divine order, would habitually remain under spiritual authority, and would attain oneness with God through the fullness of revelations of grace and truth that fashioned Jesus to become the-man-Christ-Jesus. In wisdom, they purposed that glorious angels would be given an opportunity to serve this agenda of God by transporting unto men, things concerning eternal salvation.

The triune God also delighted in the fact that by the complete transportation of good and perfect light to this rear company, the true church would finally inherit and give interpretation to the two immutable aspects of God’s nature. So by the breath of the Spirit, this company was christened “The Man-Child”. Among other divine interpretations of their genes, they would be men by their stature in understanding of eternal life and children by their ability to do only what they saw their father say or do. This was a mystery, whose unraveling would lead to the wounding down of the first (old) creation and the commissioning of the new world and age to come.

And so God began to give an interpretation to this timeless adventure of His by daring to love at gut level; loving mankind when by all known standards, man remained “unreachable” and “unlovable”. By planting himself as a seed in a woman, God project-managed the fulfillment of a prophesy concerning the seed of woman that would bruise the head of his enemy. As the husbandman, he cultured and nurtured this seed over 33 years into the stature called man. He harvested a holy child Jesus who became an answer to His risky adventure – His firstborn man-child!

From the days of the early church, the Father has only been able to gather a scanty harvest of Christ-Like Men who are Children At Heart, but he is now set to gather among the nations of the earth, a precious, excellent and comely fruit; The Man-Child Company. Our Lord Jesus has committed to raise unto God, many more sons like him, those who would endure his voice and thereby be fathered to become new born spirits – in their souls!

It shall be said of this generation and by this generation, that “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning”.


Tayo Fasan





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