Dearly Beloved,

A peculiar kind of life has been in the custody of the godhead from eternity past, one that was so precious that it separated them from all creature. The godhead agreed to declassify the secret knowledge governing this life of theirs with man, so that man can become a peculiar treasure and a peculiar people unto God. The eternal word (Jesus) as the only person in the godhead that could take the form of man, stepped into time to clearly interpret and authorize the carriage of this life by man.

Jesus was confronted with two hurdles that awaits every man that would inherit the Father. He had to demystify the laws and secrets governing sin and death, and the Father’s provision for this was for him to learn and gain mastery of the twin laws governing His Faith and His Love. He did so by feeding his soul daily with the revealed words and commandments from His Father mouth. He unveiled God’s Faith and Love as man’s primary course, race and profession.

These twin conversations are the keys that can make man an embodiment of life and immortality, a mystery to sin and death, and a god on earth! God typified this in the vessels like Moses, who after he was led contrary to the ways on earth became a god to one who embodied death – i.e. Pharaoh. So in Christ Jesus, we see the conversations and workings of God’s divine life and God’s divine nature as the contents and the promise of eternal life which we are all expected to clearly illustrate in during our sojourn on earth and in flesh.

Our Lord Jesus has been making massive investments in the church in the last couple of decades. He has been doing so by blowing the trumpet of His Faith to believers who through their faith in the Lord Jesus are a chosen generation and a holy nation. He has been sounding an alarm with a certain sound, such that is meant to gather every soul that was previously scattered by pastures contrary to His faith. He has been birthing soundness into minds via the sound doctrines of his victorious walk, and thereby raising a kingdom of priests (royal priesthood) unto himself.

Our Lord Jesus is now consolidating on His first work of trumpeting His Faith with His last work of uttering His Father’s Love thunderously! His goal is to cause those who previously become a royal priesthood to become a peculiar treasured people whom he would ultimately present unto the Father! The end of all things indeed is at hand, and time is being brought to an end.

It is on this note that the Lord God has called for seven days of feasting of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined – a feast where the doctrine of the Son and the doctrine of the Father would be dispensed.

Nigerian edition of Believers’ Convention 2016 would be playing host to the very UTTERANCES OF THE FATHER from the 14th to 20th of August 2016, when and the Lord Jesus would be committing much unto this generation of believers, from whom much is expected. We hope you can grace this great meeting in person or stay connected online. Kindly visit http://egfm.org/believers-convention-2016/ for more details


Tayo Fasan 

Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministries






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