The Knowledge of God’s Glory!

Dearly Beloved,


Once upon a time, Adam was clothed with a kind of glory that enabled him exercise dominion over all of God’s creature. The secret of that glory was the knowledge God cultured in him the day he was made which was coupled with the visitations that made Eden a pleasure house. So Adam’s glory was in sync with God’s thought process concerning the earth. With his height advantage, he christened all terrestrial, aquatic and air borne creatures – just like God would have!

Adam could see through creation and understand various aspects of God that nature was foreshadowing. Having a glimpse of heaven and knowing the beings that make up the heavens was as simple as sighting Eden and interacting with Adam respectively. Adam had the patent and manual that should have delivered mankind from the present low order of academic learning that exists today. But in no time, Adam contravened a law that was written law in him when God’s commandment was delivered in Eden. Like most men today, Adam took thought for his life and mortgaged man’s dominion to man’s arch enemy. At that defining moment, man’s reign over the earth was terminated and access to an unknown realm of glory was mortgaged for what the world had to offer – a seductive anti-faith way that seems right unto man.

God had to embrace a long wait for a true king that would simultaneously exercise dominion over both the present creation and future (new) creation. Such a king would need to be clothed with a superior glory to that of Adam. That manner of man would warehouse all powers in heaven, earth and beneath the earth, and thereby reign over the new creation – the world of truth. Such a king would need the very glory of God and God would have to communicate His glory to him via a knowledge that had been kept secret for ages.

Jesus was God’s answer to this rare need! As logus (The Word), He stripped himself of His glory and took the form of sinful flesh – so that he could annihilate the law of sin and death and also bring life and immortality to light.  Through his uninterrupted life of obedience to God’s Faith and to God’s Love, Jesus clearly interpreted God’s grace and showcased how God’s glory should permeate our basic daily life. He archived a harmless and blameless conversation that would forever remain higher than the present heavens and also remain in vogue in the world to come.

The early apostles and few others over past generations have subscribed to the demands of unlearning every contrary knowledge to that of God’s glory so that they can attain God’s approval and receive His glory. But the count of such overcoming saints remain too few for God to close this age!

Believers today are therefore without excuse, because access to the secrets governing the knowledge of God’s glory is readily available wherever and whenever God’s revealed righteousness is being dispensed by the help of the Spirits of the Lord.

The same dominion of the kingdom that the earth once witnessed between AD30 and AD33 when Jesus fully manifested godliness in the flesh, must be witnessed again and again, in and through us all, to the praise of the glory of His grace, amen.


Tayo Fasan 



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