Dearly Beloved,

On various occasions, we have found ourselves chastening Saint Thomas conversation where he doubted Jesus and we’ve have christened him “doubting Thomas”, but the other side of the coin is that he couldn’t comprehend Jesus resurrection and wanted to! He needed to physically behold something that would help his unbelief, and God in wisdom had catered for his infirmity by ensuring resurrection power didn’t close up the hole in Jesus hands and pierced side! (Jn. 20:24-29). And so, blessed was he, because he ended up believing on that occasion, and on thousands of others, until he would be martyred for believing in a person that had become “spiritually physical” and real to him than he was when he hearkened to the call to become a disciple.

Do you know that all the disciples, while they weren’t saved, left their trades, businesses and professions to follow a man that primarily lived on words (Matt. 4:4/Lk. 4:4/Jn. 4:34); a man whose lifestyle would be controversial and contradict that of everyone else; one who had no permanent home address and had a job of Preaching An Unwanted And Unknown God, and worse off; a man whose goal was to die by crucifixion! FOR OVER THREE YEARS, THEY WERE TRAINED TO LIVE BY GOD’S ORDER OF FAITH – NOT KNOWING “WHAT NEXT”!

Beloved, what have we really left to follow Jesus? What has our Christian faith actually cost us? HOW MUCH SEEKING OF THE THINGS OF OTHERS HAVE WE MADE THIS YEAR? (Phil 2:4/20-21/1Cor. 13:5b). The answer to these “anointed questions” would give us a clue whether we are PRACTITIONERS OF HIS FAITH (i.e. living by the light of Christ or of the holy place) or PRACTITIONERS OF OUR FAITH (living by the light of the gentiles). Gal. 2:20/Phil. 3:9 Vs. Matt. 8:8-10/Eph. 1:15

One unanswered question before us today is, “how many of us can God interrupt our daily or career/future plans, and how many would respond to God’s call to follow an unpopular course with a curriculum that is alien to that of the business schools of the earth? The answer to this question would tell us why there are few powerful believers and fewer men of God today who can turn the world upside down and right side up (Acts 17:6/Joel 2:3-10). For MINISTERS and WITNESSES of THE UNKNOWN GOD to be raised in the seasons ahead (Acts 17:22-29/26:16/1Jn. 1:11-3/Jn. 17:3/Rev. 10:7), we would have to answer these questions by the help of the Spirit.

Earthly men, nations, kindred, tongue and people are at the mercy of the raising of such breed of saints who would BEAR THE FATHER’S NAME and give a clear INTERPRETATION OF HIS HEART (Jn. 1:12/Acts 9:15/Rev. 5:9)

How many widows can God interrupt their lives like he did with Anna the prophetess? How many heirs of natural estate, who already have an inheritance awaiting them, can God interrupt like he did with Elisha? How many professionals in fields of great demands like medicine and law, can God interrupt like he did with Luke or Saul of Tarsus? How many ministers like Zechariah can God interrupt their lives and leave “childless” for long, so their loins/womb can be prepared to bring forth a seed that would become a prophet that would go before the face of the Lord? As many as God can feed above their fears (Jer. 23:4), and divinely interrupt their lives, He would immortalize their name and their new nature.

Jer. 23:4 And I will set up shepherds over them which shall FEED them: and they shall FEAR NO MORE, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking (i.e. in “ownership of God”), saith the LORD.

God awaits a generation of saints that would agree with him that Learning His Gracious Heart primarily takes place through non-negotiable seasons of the unknown, where He employs economic setbacks, famine, illnesses, betrayals, inadequacies, buffetings of the enemy, despair etc. to change the genes of our souls, further our course in righteousness, redeem us from the earth and from among men, and most importantly, bring us to a terrain of His Faith where the enemy is greatly limited!

I perceive that against a backdrop of hopelessness that is presently on the rise, where every principle and philosophy but God is failing; the Lord would be giving us all New Opportunities To Believe Like The Disciples-Made-Apostles Did, until they inherited a new name (nature); which is the foundation of the City of God, the strata of overcoming believers in the world to come. (Rev. 21:14/2:17). Amen.

Jn. 1:12 But as many as received him (i.e. the Laws of Christ’s Faith and Love – Job 22:22/Jam. 1:21), to them gave He power (i.e. the privilege) to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name (i.e. resurrection and life):


Tayo Fasan


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