Dearly Beloved,

We give thanks to the Father of Mercies who in His infinite wisdom answered some unuttered prayers in 2015, but more interestingly, hasn’t answered some of our prayers in the interest of our eternal salvation.

For many of us, 2015 was a year of being prepared and furnished with the glad tidings of the gospel of Christ. Like Esther, many have been undergoing preparations in seasons that should cause our fruitfulness in 2016 to be superior to what became tangible to us in the entire first half of this decade! This year promises to be an unusual year wherein we would further war in Righteousness with known and unknown enemies within (Jam. 4:1-10/Isa. 32:17/Rom. 7:18-24), so we can experience greater tangibilities of Peace and Joy and bring forth 30, 60 and ultimately a 100 fold hundredfold measure of fruitfulness. Amen!

The Father of Glory authorized new seasons in 2015 that revealed His Son like never before, and this was accompanied by unprecedented distractions. 2016 would therefore be delivering riches of spiritual understanding to us that would enable us acknowledge these personalities of truth like never before (Col. 2:2/1Jn. 5:20) and would also be accompanied with distractions that should be unworthy of our attention! Great seasons of the Spirit has been calibrated into 2016 calendar year, such that promises to bring forth new experiences in the waters of truth and inch some closer to the fullness of God.

I am persuaded that God would be bringing forth new interpretations of the Faith of His Son (i.e. of God’s elect – Titus 1:1/2Pet. 1:1) and many believing believers would be eating with their ears (Isa. 55:2c/Rom. 10:17) until they see more into the many-sidedness of God’s sayings/wisdom (Hab. 2:1/Lk. 24:44-45/Eph. 3:9) and overcome accordingly.

The Lord Jesus has been intensifying his work amidst in his frail church and it has become increasingly difficult to reconcile some believers with their past personality. But more importantly, in the years ahead, it would be very difficult to reconcile the newness of life in them with even their present state of soul (Rom. 6:4/7:6/Eph. 4:23-24). The ministry of change (God’s Face) being supervised by His Spirit would be assuming a new dimension and no one must be left out (2Cor. 3:18/4:6). #True_Change_Is_Imminent!


Your Delighted Brother & Servant,

Tayo Fasan





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