Another Look @ The Year & Decade 2020!

Dearly Beloved,

The good Lord, through His Spirit and servants, wrought a good work in His body in year and decade ending 2019; a work that made the inheritance called Christ – a watchword and meditation among many. It would NEVER be forgotten by some; even when they appear before the judgment seat of Christ.

It was a year/decade where some found new definitions, interpretations and expressions of the life and power called Christ! The Faith in Christ became to some, what money previously meant to them. It became a new value system and currency for living, and that must have increased confusion among the elders of hell; among the devil and his cohorts.

The Year/decade 2020 has therefore been prophetically positioned by heaven via these preparations, for many to trap more measures of the quality of life that has been kept in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Among some, known and unknown fears and lusts would be losing its relevance and appeal like never before. The promise of eternal life is set to became a renewed source of contentment in life, and death is set to face its toughest conquest – just like sin (the world) previously did.

Vanity; even this world, has been evolving and raising new captives/servants of unrighteousness by each second, but the light called Christ would be coming with greater intensity in this new year/decade, to empower many to disobey it like they once obeyed sin. And so many servants/Kings of righteousness and of peace would be raised/born!

In like manner in which the Christhood of the Son has today become a comfortable abode for some souls; the Godhood of the Son would become the one thing that not a few in this blessed year/decade would desire and possess; even as many as would win the warfare of being a ease in Zion.

The Father would be approving of yet new streams of enlightenment around the first and last prophecy of the New Testament (i.e. Christ and God), and so the only two new things that would be truly new under the sun in the year/decade 2020, would the enlightenment and consciousness of Christ and of God – like was once witnessed in the early Church. Other definitions of new things would either become a competition or distraction to this, if not placed in proper perspective.

Do have a purposeful and unusual new year/decade ahead!

Pst Tayo Fasan
For: EGFM Editorial

You may kindly share with someone if so inspired.

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