Subject: Can the word of righteousness cater for my physical/material needs?

Dearly Beloved Saint,

The following is an attempt to answer one salient question that Some have nursed concerning this blessed subject.

Question 1:

Can the word of righteousness cater for my physical/material needs?

Answer:  Yes – In a better or more graceful way than milk-faith does!

The word of righteousness is the teaching of a faith in Christ that spells out how a believer can relate with the natural/present life in a truly supernatural way. It approaches and addresses the problem created by the fall (sin) in a matured and graceful manner or in a way that is not limited by the limitations of the natural life or the natural man (1Tim. 4:8).

It does so by encouraging us to relate with our needs like Jesus did and not like unbelievers or carnal believers do. It imparts an assurance of divine faith that says “our Father in heaven is more concerned about our natural needs than we can ever be, and expects us to go about it with a spiritual mind” (Matt. 6:25-34, Rom. 8:6).

It gradually persuades us that we have a Father who has made abundant provisions for every genuine need that will ever come our way (Phil. 4:19); supplies or increases that would always come true in His way and time – if we can allow His Spirit assist and lead us in a way that the seeking of our needs would not come at the expense of seeking and inheriting of our birthright in the New Testament- the kingdom of God (Heb. 12:16, Jam. 2:5).

The word of righteousness teaches us not to make our needs a daily meditation; but rather – like Jesus – take our eyes off our needs and rest them on the commandments or laws that regulate and addresses such needs; the words that invites the power in the gospel to bring physical needs in ways that won’t come at a cost to the wellbeing of our soul; or as additions while not being encumbered by them (Ps. 1:2-3, Matt. 16:26, Lk. 12:15).


Pst. Tayo Fasan

For: EGFM Editorial

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