Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 96

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh various inspired thoughts, on another blessed day.

1. This world (sin) has since been sent on an apostolic mission; with a mandate to ensure that generations of men are kept busy looking for earthly glories they never lost, so they would never find what man never sought and therefore lost (Rom. 3:23). It has anointed developed nations in a special way, to keep the souls of men busy with the legitimacies/cares/standards of this present life, so they would never address the state/need or lack in their soul (1Cor. 6:12/10:23). The faith of the Son had to be commissioned on a truly apostolic mandate to overcome it (sin); to unravel its mystery so men can surmount it like sin once did to them (Gal. 2:20/1Jn. 5:4).

2. The civilization/systems of this world was framed with a highly subtle wisdom (from the god of this world); one that makes men think like champions; think like they understand or have mastered how it works; especially those favoured while relating with it or who secure one edge/or another over others while dealing with it (Prov. 31:30a). So we will need to be armed with the principles/wisdom of Christ, to use/deal with this world as though we don’t; to be unspotted by it until we beat the princes/wisdom of this world in their ploy (Prov. 8:16, 1Cor. 1:30/2:6-8/7:31).

3. The devil and his cohorts know when a believer (who has dealings with the world), lacks grace upon his soul; even the grace for a life of dominion that has to be fetched while consistently denying this world or walking like Christ did till he mounted Jordan/beat sin (Tit. 2:12, Matt. 4). They know when we are being sustained by their wisdom, and to what degree we are/fall back to it at pressing moments. They know when we can’t see beyond their philosophies on gain, and they know those who use their thoughts while hustling; even those who believe that a man’s life consists in the abundance of things he has (1Tim. 6:5, Lk. 12:15).

4. Any believer today, who isn’t being enlightened on how to (like Christ) lay down his life or walk in the path of faith, hope and Charity; even until he lays hold of his first inheritance (Christ), is already laying down their lives for a course/something else that is eternally cheaper (2Cor. 5:15, Acts 26:18e). He is observing one legitimate-looking lying vanity that has limited generations of believers from ultimately knowing/laying hold of their final inheritance; the only true God/eternal life (Jonah 2:8, Jn. 17:3).

5. Any cause that a believer can seek or pursue with all his heart, strength and mind, that can’t be influenced by the soul-saving wisdom in Christ Jesus, is actually an inferior cause that would come at a cost to the well-being of his soul (Isa. 33:6, 2Tim. 3:15). Such a cause would keep him busy; doing, knowing and acquiring things that won’t help or profit the state of his; and none of such causes are innocent of the love of money (1Tim. 6:10, Mark 8:36).


Tayo Fasan


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[16:31, 10/29/2019] EGFM Tayo Fasan: Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 97

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