Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 80

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh various inspired thoughts, on another blessed day.

1.    A believer who is living by the power of God or according to the gospel of Christ; or who is aligning with the walk that raised Jesus of Nazareth to become Jesus the Christ, would enjoy more of heaven (the kingdom) on earth than a believer who lived and passed unto heaven but fell short of using that power in the days of his flesh (Jn. 14:19). The best manifestation of heaven on earth, or of the will of God in our lives; or the finest interpretation of godliness in the days of our flesh, was designed to take place here on earth (Matt. 6:10, Phil. 3:20, 2Cor. 4:11, 1Tim. 3:16).

2.    If a believer has never known the Lord as ‘a man of war’ or hasn’t been wrestled to his or her feet during any life-impacting issue or season, then s or he most likely is still ignorantly and cunningly waring with the Lord (Exo. 15:3). So many don’t know the cost implication of such warfare to their soul or how it bothers on their soul-state in time and eternity. We also forget that God has more than enough time and resources to teach us humility, and would have to do so lest we perish and fall short of our eternal inheritance (Jn.3:15-16). Our walk; name or identity will remain unchanged except we encounter and bow to the mighty God of Jacob (Gen. 32:24-25).

3.    If because of the way we use our time for eternal things or to seek the kingdom, the world (in or through men) isn’t or hasn’t said to us that “we are wasting our time”, then we aren’t really investing or putting time to its best use; even in ways that should ultimately cause us to inherit God’s life or nature. Time was monetized after the fall of man, so that man won’t place the right premium on seeking God’s life! To place money back to where it truly should be and to esteem the acquisition of (God’s) life as we ought to in our souls, we will need to keep fighting the good fight of faith until our quiet or secret love of money is overcome (Lk. 16:11, 1Tim. 6:10-12).

4.    When the Lord Jesus can’t determine: what comes our way: when and how it does so; we are simply saying to Him, “you are the saviour of my spirit but you haven’t been enthroned by as Lord over my souls or present life”. So, we still quietly wrestle with the Lord because of an ungodly nature that doesn’t want to be God-governed or subject to the Law of God in Christ Jesus (Tit. 2:12, Rom. 8:2/7). Many don’t want to die to their long-nursed hope of to have their own fair share of this world, and won’t sit under ministrations that can culture the hope of the gospel in the. Many would rather continue in their own religious way, with the Christian faith.

5.    The goal of sin is to separate men from God and make His Son’s Faith unpopular on earth; or keep men on an earthly profitable payroll that is tagged with death; a scheme that has been given wings by brilliant men or minds, especially intellectually advanced nations (Rom. 6:12-23). The goal of faith; even the faith that still resides in Christ Jesus, is to make Christ as popular and relevant as ‘pure water’ is in Nigeria, or as dollar is in the United States. Only by this faith can we be empowered to naturally hate sin until our souls become an irresistible habitation for Christ; a place He would indwell by His faith (Eph. 3:17).

6.    In some crucial seasons of growth or spiritual transition, the Lord won’t provide answers to some pressing prayers on legitimately carnal or spiritual requests because granting answer(s) to such prayers would trigger a particular race that the world – within us – has set as a hope before us. Unlike men, the Lord doesn’t trust flesh; even our carnal nature. He knows how it can hijack carnal blessings or His investments of grace or anointing – like it has been the case with many believers or ministers.

7.    The world has created a system or lifestyles of unending activities that is fuelled by the carnal life in men’s soul; one that harnesses the best of man’s strength, passions and potentials – mainly for self-gratifying goals. As generations of men become captivated with this, they never really get to know that though they outwardly busy; looking strong and productive, they are actually inwardly weak and unfruitful. This is an activity of the wisdom of this world, that, unlike David, limits men from ever getting to seek and know the Lord as their strength, shield, buckler, strong tower and deliverer (Ps. 36:4, 18:1-end).

8.    To live in a country like Nigeria that has been plagued with activities of a Satan’s throne and remain focused on the heightening ministrations from God’s throne that promises to produce many sons out of Nigeria, takes a measure of grace and mercy. To guard our hearts and remain not offended and undefiled by words and deeds, would entail us prayerfully or watchfully keeping the commandments governing our relationship with those in the place of power; which would see us excuse many of the actions of wicked men as being influenced by a very wicked throne.


Tayo Fasan


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