Looking inward and outward (with the google of faith)-part 52

Part 52

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter thoughts from various conversations under the sun, on another blessed day.

Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 52

1. The desire of parents, from the beginning, has been to give good food and clothing to their children, or to see them well fed and well dressed and this desire actually originated from the Father in heaven, who longs to see His children become godly or contented with His life and Spirit-led governance, even by being well fed in their souls with the bread of heaven, and by being beautifully clothed in righteousness (Jn. 6:32-33, 1Tim. 6:8, Rev. 19:8).

2. The devil has said a blunt ‘NO’ to men, on the issue of seeking first the kingdom and its righteousness; and he simply enforced this by creating a system on earth that feeds fat on diverts lust for things in men. So the revelations of God’s righteousness in Christ came to enlighten and empower us with the conversations of life and godliness, so we can handle the lustful and corrupt system he created; one that makes men to seek everything else but the will and kingdom of God. It raises our souls into an estate called the new creation, where we can enjoy God eternally (2Pet. 1:3).

3. When we realize what true hunger and thirst for righteousness is, we would realize why we have it in insufficient measures, why we need to daily desire/ask the Lord for it, why it was one of the first blessings that God blessed Jesus with and how this enabled Him to receive the new things of the new creation (Col. 2:8d-9). Then can we, like Christ, appreciate in hunger and thirst for perfection; for the light that would fashion a Son of Faith into a full blown Son of God (Heb. 5:8).

4. Any believer who continues to despise the ministry of revelation or who cannot place in proper perspective, the ministry of the word of righteousness that birthed the New Testament, cannot develop ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches. He would miss out in the sequence of conversations that should have fashioned in him the constitution or nature of a Lamb that can follow the Lamb of God, whithersoever He goes (2Cor. 3:8, Heb. 5:13, Rev. 14:4).

5. God the Father of lights, strictly makes investments of light in the souls of men (Jam. 1:17). He made His first successful investment of good light in Jesus, which empowered Him to overcome the devil at Jordan. God then used the next 3 years to invest into Him, His perfect light, which is an enlightenment that would be unfolded over many ages in the world to come (Eph. 2:7). By it, Jesus the Christ was fashioned into Jesus the Lamb (or Son) of God and by it, the apostles became heavenly or celestial in their soul (Jam. 5:7, Rev. 21:23-25).

6. When a believer can’t respond in certain seasons to what the Spirit has to say to the Churches – even concerning Christ and God – with the same quest found in a deer who is in search for the nearest water brook, he simply hasn’t seen how much wasted years are behind him; even seasons when God kissed the earth with the same ministrations of the word of righteousness (Ps. 84:2). He also hasn’t had the hope of the gospel well painted to him, and has chosen to settle for something less. The Lord may have to arrest him via a greater tribulation that awaits all those called into the holy place (Acts 14:22, Rev. 2:22/7:14).

7. Why is the devil and his cohorts in the unfortunate estate they are today (Jude 1:16)? Because of the commandments they didn’t keep (Ps. 103:20-22a). Why is our Lord Jesus, His apostles and victorious overcomers in that glorious throne-compliant soul estate they are in today? Because of the commandments/word they kept in the days of their flesh (Jn. 17, Jn. 4:21). Why are we in whatever (soul) estate we are in today? Because of the commandments which we have kept and also haven’t kept. How can we attain unto the kingdom soul estate called praise, honour and glory? By keeping the same commandments that Jesus and His apostles kept (1Pet. 1:7, Rev. 14:12).

8. Why do we sin? Because of the nature of sin and the shortage of grace. What is the prescription to address this? (Rom. 5:17/21). By receiving the revelations of the right way to live in the flesh; even by the power of God that comes via the unveilings of God’s righteousness on faith and love (Rom. 1:17-18). What would be the end product of this? Grace and peace would keep being multiplied to us, until we abound in grace; from the grace of faith to that of salvation, where we would inherit eternal life (1Pet. 1:9/13, Jn. 1:16, 1Pet. 1:13).

9. There is no perfect snare for a believer in a household of truth like what he is looking for outside the Faith in Christ that unites and the Salvation in God that glorifies! So, whenever you see a believer causing trouble/division, or not submitting to the order in a house, he is seeking something that isn’t in the interest of others. He is wrestling with some known and unknown commandments of Christ, and his eyes are on something else but Faith (1Cor. 10:22/33, 1Tim. 6:3-4).

10. We were all raised by this world (sin), and where limited in our souls from giving the Lord our strength; our first love, or the first works (walk) that accompanies it (Matt. 6:33, Rev. 2:5, Col. 1:10). After we have fought this limitation by feasting from faith, through hope, unto charity, or with the light called Christ, we would still have to face the last enemy called death; even the force that limits those who overcome the world from utterly obeying/loving God without any clause – like Abraham foreshadowed on mount Moriah (1Cor. 15:26, Rev. 12:11, Gen. 22). We would have to do this by going through the last birth process guaranteed by the incorruptible seed; even the allocation called the word of God, that fashions a son of Faith into a son of God (1Pet. 1:23, 1Jn. 3: 2Pet. 1:4, Rev. 14:3-5). Selah.


Tayo Fasan


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