Looking inward and outward (with the google of faith)-part 51.

Part 51

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter thoughts from various conversations under the sun, on another blessed day.

Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 51.

1. All knowledge can make us puffed up, as long as it can’t or hasn’t dealt with what makes us seek to have an edge amongst men or compare ourselves one with another, rather than with the man Christ Jesus. But the knowledge of salvation inspires us to be meek; it calls us to a soul-saving repentance that should see us become meek and ultimately meek and lowly at heart (1Cor. 8:1-2, 2Cor. 10:12, Lk. 1:77, Eph. 4:1-2).

2. There is a way we want to be seen, perceived or received; but when the Lord succeeds in delivering us from these baggage and soulish infirmities, we would be made free from worldly imaginations, and would experience a new walk in the Spirit – like we never imagined. We would also cease from being alive to wrong motives, intentions and desires, and we won’t be alive to many temptations that emanates from this world (Lk. 4:3-12/16:15).

3. No economic pressure or downturn is strong enough to limit a believer from enjoying heaven on earth or from doing God’s will in any given season. Rather, it should accelerate the pace with which we receive the things of God or with which we press into the Kingdom, so we can ultimately experience what makes God blessed forever more. Our economy is primarily supernatural. It stems from our light; even Christ, whose power isn’t subject to any earthly economy, yet greatly influences it (Job. 22:21-29, Eph. 5:14, Jam. 1:17).

4. God can lift or promote a believer so high in the Spirit and make him sit on His throne without necessarily changing his material/financial status over seasons. A believer’s lack of material increase at any given season is not a tangible reason not to increase in the riches of Christ, or grow and abound in grace. So, like we saw in Job and through the cross, the best of the contradictions of life can be the best tool in God’s hand, to make known His power, grace and wisdom; which would save our souls and also affect that of many others in our generation and beyond (1Sam. 14:6, 1Cor. 7:20-22).

5. A zealous believer can strongly believe he is a friend of God while he is actually housing the very things or laws that make him God’s enemy. Unknown to him, he can be very committed in Church, yet, by virtue of the state of his heart or belly, be serving the god of the world or living like gentiles do. He is as close to being helped the day he realizes that the worship of mammon, through the love of this world, is the primary competition to the true worship of God (Matt. 6:19-24, Jam. 4:4, 1 John 2:15-17)

6. Seasons of being prepared to become an abode for Christ are seasons where we are expected to trade with the commandments that flows from the word of Faith, even from faith to charity, where we would faithfully serve Christ, and then receive and keep the very word of God that should ultimately make us servants of God (Eph. 3:17, Col. 3:14-16). Then would heaven certify us as true worshippers who have the testimony of Jesus, because our souls would have been delivered, healed and redeemed from our previous trust in uncertain riches, and from our inability to quickly discern/obey God. (Rev. 19:10, 14:3-4, Isa. 11:3)

7. If we don’t give the word of Christ and the word of God its rightful place in our souls, or if these twin allocations of the New Testament cannot regulate every affairs of our lives, or if we don’t seasonally entertain them as we ought or like it was with the early church/apostles, then our God-given talents and potentials would become a source of competition to it. However endowed and anointed a believer is, he may end up remaining carnal and realizing this in heaven, but for a true/timely repentance. (Psa. 36:9, 119:130, Col. 3:16).

8. Changing the disposition of our hearts towards truth; even towards the Spirit and Son and Father of Truth, involves a warfare greater than any known military warfare on earth. It involves coming against the formations of our heart that are contrary to truth, or coming against thoughts and images that where formed in us while we were asleep to righteousness. When this takes place, we are guaranteed access into the treasures of the New Testament. (2 Cor. 3:16-18, 1Cor. 15:34)

9. Flesh, even man’s carnal nature, as innocent as it looks before a natural man or eye, is a beastly nature in the sight of the Father because the source of it is the devil. It will always opposes everything that is of God or that can lead to God, and only a consistent fight that is guaranteed by the faith and love walk in Christ Jesus can slay it and give rise to a God-like nature of a lamb in us; even one that God can walk through (Rom. 8:5-8, Gal. 5:17, Prov. 9:2, 2Cor. 6:16, Rev. 21:3).

10. If glorious angels were told to ask God for their greatest heart desire/prayer, it would most likely be, “oh God, bless us with that frail looking frame of heart and mind that mortal men have, that can entertain your laws; even such that can learn and inherit your divine nature”. This is the very opportunity given to believers, especially in this generation, though believers would rather seek after other things – things that gentiles seek, or things that are prone to waxing old (Heb. 2:6, 1Pet.1:12c, 1:4, Matt. 6:31-33).


Tayo Fasan


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