Looking inward and outward (with the google of faith)- Part 44

Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Christ’s Faith) – Part 44

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh and filter various thoughts in the course of another blessed day.

  1.    The proof that tomorrow would be naturally and spiritually better than today, is not far-fetched; it is evident in God’s faithfulness surrounding yesterday; even when we weren’t faithful. So we can always bank on God’s faithfulness at all times (2 Tim. 2:13).
  1.    There are things that give us an edge over others; even legitimate things of this present life that give us a sense of security and rest, and which have a way of quietly competing with the true security that the Lord has to offer our souls. If the Lord can’t gradually reveal them to us, we would never thirst for His divine power, which was designed to keep our souls secured in that which is true and real; even God’s great and precious promises.
  1.    The leading of the Spirit is to make a once carnally minded believer, spiritually minded enough to always mind and live by the laws of God in Christ Jesus, which result in a change over the dominant laws (of sin and death) running his soul and body, and thereby ultimately make him a son of God, or a full blown prophet after the order of the New Testament, or a possessor of God’s life/nature. (Rom. 7:16-8:14, Heb. 11:15).
  1.    Anything that is limiting you from eating of and drinking from eternal life which the Lord ordained you unto, is either a known or an unknown enemy of your soul, or a potential one. This present life was given to us as a gift to learn eternal life, and without this understanding or sense of purpose, the abuse of this gift is inevitable.
  1.   There are seasons when heaven doesn’t really ask for us to lay down our lives, because we haven’t been fed and led to a place where, like Abraham or Daniel, they can ask us to. But when they do so, our response to that call would validate how aligned we are to God’s will or reveal what the true confession of our faith really is. There and then would heaven take note of who we really are, and what we love above their life; even above their commandment.
  1.    Being kept by the power of God entails, among other things, our eyes singularly resting on the Lord or being tenaciously focused on the outcome of a dealing of faith approved by heaven for that season; one which is meant to make us give a warm handshake to other seasons of our life, where we should partake in all things pertaining to life and godliness, so we can ultimately take our part in God’s divine nature (1Pet. 1:5, 2Pet. 1:3-4).
  1.   There is a fear that surrounds following the Lord wholeheartedly, which God wants to starve us of as we allow Him lead us like He once led or fed Abraham – with  commandments, until he could mount up mount Moriah. Fear would escape the realm of sacrifices and be starved by seasons of obedience (faith), but would die as we engage seasons where we naturally hearken to God’s commandment (on love) – where we develop wings to mount up like eagles.
  1.    Through disobedience to faith, the world filled our wells with all manners of debris and junks – so they won’t spring up pleasant waters unto the Lord; stopping the fountain of the deep within us from being broken thereby, fostering the commandments of this world (i.e. lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life); and only by obedience to the faith can we be trained to keep Christ’s triune commandments of life (i.e. faith, hope and charity).
  1.   If some definite changes or responses aren’t made to the promptings of the Spirit or to the revelations of righteousness in some seasons of our lives, especially after costly truths bothering on God’s life has come our way, it would become quite difficult, if not impossible, for us to end up laying hold on eternal life. (Isa. 55:6).
  1.   Not all students who aim to make a first class, end up striving lawfully and gaining the expected mastery of knowledge that guarantees that. So also not all believers who aim to inherit eternal life, end up striving lawfully and gaining the expected mastery of the knowledge of the Son and of the Father, or fetch the Father’s meek and lowly nature that guarantees that. Those who do so would attain God’s rest, and those who don’t would remain restless; they never end up knowing the God of peace. (1Cor. 9:24-26, Jn. 17:3, Rom. 16:20).


Tayo Fasan


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