Looking Inward & Outward (With the goggle of Faith) – Part 11

Looking Inward & Outward (With the goggle of Faith) – Part 11

1. One of my foremost idols, as a kid, was a bicycle, and much later a car. The list grew inexhaustive, and unknown to me, my soul was thereby growing weak! Today I can say, that as far as God is concerned, as confirmed by the holy scriptures, anything or any affection you desire or set above Christ, upon which you aren’t willing to allow Him exercise an overriding veto, is an idol which would certainly cost you your life spiritually! (Col. 3:1-3/1Cor. 6:12)

2. The Lord likes to see us give a technical knockout daily to the world and, therefore, He keeps opening our eyes to see where the world has previously robbed and cheated us. We must keep getting angry and keep fighting until we receive power and increased strength (might) from the Lord so we can someday say victoriously, “I have fought the good fight of faith, I have kept and finished my course” (Isa. 40:29/Col. 1:10-12/2Tim. 4:7)

3. If I told you that I haven’t found grace to lay down my life in a measure or that I have done so as I ought, or that I can comprehend what it really means to do so, I just told you a lie, because that is the reason for the curriculum called “The Christ” and “The Son of the living God”. Many Christians want to enjoy “their lives” and not “Christ’s” and therefore aren’t interested in this curriculum – learning and gaining Christ (Matt. 16:16/Jn. 12:25)

4. Coming against the trinity of The World (1Jn. 2:15-16) can only take place with the help of the Trinity of the New Testament Faith (1 Cor. 13:13) and it is a bloody encounter (Heb. 12:4)! It is life against life – the life of Christ against the life of the god of this world (Satan), and no believer can survive this battle, which can linger for decades, if he loves or savours the (legitimate) things of this world.

5. A believer who hasn’t sat under the tutorials of the Faith of the Son— or been empowered thereby, can neither ignore the captivities that the orderly arrangement of this world offers, nor its philosophies and deceits. Being taught Christ and Him crucified is the only immunity against these millennia old seductions (Col. 2:8, 1Cor. 2:2, 1Pet. 1:5).

6. There is a software encoded in Christ’s Faith that would always end up wearing out sin in us! It has the ability to keep us rising up stronger after each fall, until a superior strength to the law of sin is acquired, where we become established in the gospel/power of Christ (Prov. 24:16/Rom. 16:25)

7. No believer can escape the lustful pull to “build a city and a tower” or to “make a name for himself” or build a kingdom whose king is self if they don’t see themselves as strangers and pilgrims on earth – if they don’t restlessly seek a heavenly country in God – called God! It is only by so doing would we be built against these pulls and become a people of God who would receive His kingdom. (Gen. 10:9-10/11:4/Heb. 11:13-16/12:28)

8. One undisputable proof that you are comfortable with what Christ represents and that you are settling down with his life (power) is your increasing ability not to take thought for your life – for tomorrow. Such a one would appreciate in the skillful act and art of imprisoning all thoughts that are against Faith and Christ (Matt. 6:25-31/2Cor. 10:5)

9. Faith TOWARDS God is a faith FROM God which Adam started with at Eden. The faith (commandment of life) in the tree of life was the Faith OF God which Adam fell short of, and Jesus later fully obeyed and inherited, making it the Faith that is in Jesus or The Faith OF the Son – The Faith for receiving what the New Testament alone has to offer – the promise of the Son and Father; even Eternal Life (Jn. 17:2-3/1Jn. 2:25)

10. We can’t trust God without knowing Him. (Psa. 9:10) We can’t know him except via the doctrine (teachings) of the Son and the Father! This demands we are weaned from the predominant faith in the church today and be taught the doctrine of Christ (His Faith) which requires ears that have been pierced (opened) and awoken daily to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches – to our souls (Isa. 28:9/Heb. 6:1/Ps. 40:6/Isa. 50:4)


Tayo Fasan

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