A Closer Look @ The Man In Christ – Part 2


Dearly Beloved,

To get a soul to take a single step in the right or wrong direction, simply present it with a promise (Gen. 3:2-6/12:1-4), and when that promise, direction and destination is God, we would somehow and someday have to pay homage to a narrative concerning the soul of man and His shepherd (Ps. 80:1) which was uniquely illustrated in Psalm 23. This chapter articulates in bullet points, the three adventures or meals of the soul (Matt. 28:19c-e) through which it comes into the way (Christ) and is made ready for the place – God (Exo. 33:21/Jn. 14:3d).

  • Jn. 14:3-4 And if I go and prepare a place (an abode – Jn. 14:2/Ps. 91:1) for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am (Jn. 13:3b-c), there ye may be also. And whither I go ye know, and the way (Jn. 14:6) ye know.

The soul of man is a vessel meant to house the  treasure called the light of the knowledge of the glory of God (2Cor. 4:7)! So after you have put into a man’s soul what men call a good job, and he goes on to be empowered to own a multinational – without learning to hold or own true riches that surpasses human understanding, an unarmed robbery has simply taken place.  The enemy has scored a goal by robbing that soul of God.

So when a man or woman has what can be described as “a marriage made in heaven and discovered on earth“, he or she has simply been empowered to keep the commandments of Ephesians 5 which is needed to arrive in God. He/she would employ that good foundation to learn of a great mystery, because God wants to be brought out of the known (Rev. 10:7) so man can inherit God – and this what necessitated the raising and giving of Christ!

If you put into the soul of a man, the strength, skills and understanding that was administered by angel Gabriel to Daniel (Dan. 9:21-22), and enable that soul to shuttle anywhere on earth without the aid of what we call transportation system, that soul would later ask you “what next”? The human mind can’t fathom the potentials or the laws governing the soul of man, because he would have to learn God laws to do so.

If you grant a soul ownership of all silver, gold and precious minerals on earth, and then give it all powers to rule over the earth, and the soul would someday ask for more! You have to download the knowledge in God and of God into it that soul and thereby make it a son of God for it to attain fulfillment (rest), and to do so, you have to start by nurturing it with the foundational principles of the milk of the word (1Cor. 3:2a/Eph. 1:15/Col. 1:4/1Thes. 1:3/Heb. 6:1-2), then gradually wean that soul from it (Isa. 28:9c) and then communicate the doctrine of Christ (2Jn. 2:9) which is the meat of the word (Isa. 28:9a-b/7:15a/Jn. 7:16-17/Lk. 2:52/1Cor. 3:2b/1Pet. 1:13c), and ultimately the strong meat of the word (Heb. 5:14/6:17c/7:28)

This is how and where the soul would out run his enemies (Ps. 18:29/23:5/Eph. 6:10-17) and be likened to a cup (Ps. 23:5) that has been filled with God and can dispense God. Such a soul is a tree of righteousness that can dispense righteousness i.e. exploits/judgments concerning:

  • The Holy Spirit – like we saw in a measure in the early book of Acts, typified in Ps. 23:1-2
  • Christ – like we saw in the epistles, typified in Ps. 23:3-5
  • God – like we saw in the writings/super epistles of John, typified in Ps. 23:6).

In Christ Jesus, God has unveiled the laws for the soul; the laws that would enable us relate with light (Rev. 21:23-24) like the eagle in the air, like the serpent upon the rock, like the ship in the midst of the sea, like a man with a maid (Prov. 30:19); like Christ and the church (Eph. 5:24-32). THIS IS HOW OUR SOUL IS MEANT TO GRACEFULLY ADVENTURE THE LAW IN CHRIST CALLED FAITH SO IT CAN HEAD GODWARD – I.E. UNTO LOVE!

The air, the rock, the sea and the maid (Prov. 30:19) are places for the manifestations of laws, and the most mysterious of all is that of a maid; that of a man with a woman, typifying Christ and the church (Eph. 5:24-32). This is where the laws of the soul (faith and love) finds expression like nothing else by preferring one another (Rom. 10:12/Phil. 2:3b). A believer or minister that despises the church (especially unbelieving believers), irrespective of her infirmities, is simply kicking against the prick (Acts 26:14).

By learning the faith of Christ, we journey to a place where it would cease to be a mystery (1Tim. 3:9) to us, and we can then use this newly inherited life (divine power) to learn of the Father’s Love which is a great mystery (Eph. 5:24-32). THE LOVE OF GOD that later became THE LOVE OF CHRIST can ultimately become our possession, and we can then say that Ephesian 1:14 and 1 John 3:1 has been fulfilled.

Anything you put into the Soul of man without Christ would gradually cause that soul to become as dissatisfied as the grave is with bodies, or as a barren womb is without the incorruptible seed, or as the earth without water! (Prov. 30:16).

So in Christ Jesus, we learn to LIVE from above (Rom. 1:17/Col. 3:1-4), and while living, we MOVE (Acts. 17:28) in the right direction – GODWARD. THIS IS THE DESTINY (DESTINATION) OF THE MAN IN CHRIST. AMEN.


Tayo Fasan

….. Searching Out Concealed Matters Concerning Christ & Reasoning With Truth Concerning The Word Of Righteousness (Prov. 25:2/Isa 1:18/Heb. 5:13-14)

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