Urgency for Life – Part 2

1. The world as most men and believers cerebrally or carnally know it,  is a promising inheritance, but inwardly, it is actually both a negative expression of life and of abundant (everlasting) life (1Jn. 2:15, Rev. 17:5-6). A believer who will discern and come over it, will have to do so by everlasting righteousness; by journeying from the righteousness of faith in Christ to that of God the Father (1Jn. 5:4-5, Dan. 9:24).

2. A believer who can see through the pseudo rest and beyond the glories of this world that is mostly driven by monetary power, is one who must have walked in the light of the righteous judgments of everlasting life like Jesus had at Jordan (Matt. 4:8, Jn. 1:4). We confront such fallen glories by the glory that everlasting life seasonally confers upon the soul; the glory that prepares us to see the God of glory and attain the rest of eternal life (2Cor. 3:18, 4:6, Heb. 4:9-11).

3. The Lord’s brethren (disciples) and unreasonable men were the two main audience before whom He defended the gospel of Christ and of God, and He did so via the lively conversations of Christ and the divine nature of the Father (Rom. 1:1, 16, 2Thes. 3:2, 2Pet. 1:3-4). The enemy, through such men or audience, will keep attempting to get us to offend the laws of life, and we have to always watch and pray to escape such (James. 3:1-2, Matt. 26:41).

4. To him that hath; or that has been faithful (fruitful) with the seed of the sower or with the word of righteousness (faith), more (seeds) shall be given to him because he will also be faithful and come into the abundance (multiplication) that the gospel of everlasting life has to offer. (Matt. 13:8-12, Lk. 16:10-13, 2Pet. 1:8-11). Does that describe you?

5. There is more spiritual enjoyment in some underdeveloped nations than in most developed nations where you will readily see things that should or would vex your spirit man (Heb. 11:24-27, 2 Pet. 2:8). The gospel of Christ has been cleansing the souls of many who will labour in such nations, and the gospel of everlasting life is now coming to furnish those labourers who would be exported to such nations (Acts 26:17-18, Eph. 5:26, Rom. 10:14-16).

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