Counsels From The Word of Righteousness (Part 12).

Beloved of Heaven,

The following are inspired thoughts I found grace to fetch, while acknowledging truths that confront my flesh; that disrespect sin and celebrate the word of righteousness.

  1. The day a believer knows how profitable the faith of the Son is – like he once knew how profitable sin was, is the day he would delightfully yield to the demands of living by the power of God or like unbelievers and carnal believers can’t live (1Cor. 13:3, 2:14). That is the day when he would earn reactions (from the spirit of fear) that he didn’t previously qualify for; reactions from seducing spirits that always hurl discouraging thoughts; reactions that inspires unbelief whenever we try to think outside God’s word – or whenever (like Eve) we attempt to answer negatively anointed questions about God’s promise (Gen. 3:2-6).
  2. Nothing threatens us from truly living by God’s power (Christ) like known and unknown alternatives we have to the life of faith; and the day we begin to see the need to deny such alternatives or not settle for less than a life fueled by God’s power (Christ) is the day we would be inspired to place the right premium on our daily bread; on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Father (Tit. 2:12, Matt. 6:9-11). Then would an unconquered world within us, that feeds the world without, fight back through selfishly advanced thoughts that we never knew existed; all in a bid to stop our advance into the Kingdom.
  3. For believers to live by God’s power, especially in seasons when heaven wants us (like Hannah and Abraham) to respond to a particular need of heaven or position us to partner with such, the Lord would have to hold the reins of our heart by withholding one thing that is very dear to our heart; one thing that would see us seek Him with all our heart (1Sam. 1:5-28, Lk. 1:5-13). Thereby does the Lord birth in our hearts a fervent desire to submit to His purpose and be yoked with His will; a desire to seek the unknown or trust God for the impossible (Heb. 11:16). And such are the seasons when our humanity (carnal frame) would be purged of selfish desires (lusts), so we can be truly blessed with Christ; with things spiritual or things above (Ps. 119:71, Eph. 1:3, Gal. 3:14).
  4. One of the feats the Lord accomplished in the first 30 years of His life was to have lived without the hope of this world; without the hope of a future that can exist outside the power of God (Matt. 4:1-10). Such hope comes knocking at the hearts of children when they are as young as 5 years; it has escaped many conventions, fasting and prayers, and it would only surrender as we acknowledge the truth that would birth Christ in our soul (Tit. 1:1-2, Eph. 3:17). Like Father Abraham, we would have to be led against all inferior and contrary hope, for the hope of eternal life to be born in us; even as Christ is formed in us (Rom. 4: 17-18).
  5. One thing that the knowledge or revelation of God’s love would do in our lives, even as we keep and prosper with the feasts of Charity (Christ) and prepare for the appearances (revelations) of the Son of God, is that – it would limit the arguments that Satan bring to us concerning ourselves and about men; it would help us cast down high things and imaginations that can limit us from responding to the Lord and to God (2 Cor. 10:5). By that revelation, we would escape the sword of arguable and justifiable reasoning that are anointed to quietly birth offense in our hearts ; that can cause us to fall short of our spiritual inheritance in Christ Jesus (Heb. 12:14-16, Eph. 1:14).
  6. One of the workings of God’s grace upon the life of a believer who has tarried under the economy of the New Testament is the consistent speaking of mercy that would expose and limit the plot of very wicked spirits that can think through us – even with scriptures; spirits that can use any iota of ignorance in us to latch unto any wrong heart posture within (2Cor. 11:3). And such are seducing spirits that specialize in showing us how special we are among others; spirits that can convincingly tell us what others are thinking about us; false spirits that can cause a son of faith to err (Eph. 4:14, 2Cor. 11:14).
  7. But for a wrong heart or spirit, all that the enemy does with our ignorance should (like in Joseph and David) end up getting us to be closer the Lord (Ps. 51:5-17). Our ignorance after being enlightened would come at a cost to us; with some chastening, but – like in Abraham and Moses – a right response should end up repositioning us to be all that we have been called to be; to firstly be sanctified by Christ’s faith and thereby become stones who can press further into the high calling of God – to become sons of God (Heb. 12:6/2:11, Phil. 3:14).


Tayo Fasan

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