Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 101

1. Hardly can heaven successfully deal a blow to some of the rarely known idols of our heart; even our ambitious tendencies that are yoked with die hard lusts, except they can help us to locate whom they want to father us in a truly spiritual family; in a Kingdom community where such idols can be starved while quietly serving the Lord by serving His servants (2Tim. 4:10, Phil. 2:20-22).

2. When the Lord brings or sets people in the place of spiritual oversight over us, and we somehow don’t discern or submit to the intent of the Spirit for such relationships because of our eyes on an idol, we would be a stranger to the graces/labours over them in the spirit, which was meant to prepare us for our lot in Christ (2Tim. 4:10). We would also be easily beset and would someday look back and painfully realise that we had control over our actions and inactions, but not over its far-reaching consequences (Heb. 12:1, Gal. 6:7-8).

3. When the Lord has called a believer to follow Him by submitting to men who have faithfully submitted to men and to God; but when such a one would rather seek his own thing or lead (others) at an unripe season; then, he will not only lack a spiritual covering over his head and ministry, but would be an easy pray for the spirits of error (1Tim. 4:1, 1Jn. 4:6).

4. One of the wisdom that the word of righteousness dispenses; even while raising our judgments on what good and evil really is in God’s sight, is that; it helps us to see spiritual authority like the Lord did, and therefore remained subject to God and His commandments (Heb. 5:13-14). It thereby raises us to a place where we are separated and sanctified, and as such can delight in being subject to the Father (of all spirits). 2Cor. 6:17-18, Heb. 12:9.

5. There are spiritual blessings of the New Testament; even blessings that would raise our sight/judgments concerning eternal things, that have been tied to our faithful followership/service in the household of truth, and until we become single-eyed while seeking the things of others, we would not be able to untie or access such blessings or divine provisions (Matt. 6:22, Lk. 16:12).

May we find mercy to identify and embrace the warfare that would be won via our being submissive. Amen.


Tayo Fasan


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