Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 75

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh various inspired thoughts, on another blessed day.

1.    To be at home with the Lord’s purpose for our lives; with the knowledge of what, where and how He would have us serve Him; the Lord through His Spirit would have to take us through season(s) where we would be led against our former leading/arrangements; so that, like Moses, we can be made meek and have the lost strength of our souls – gradually restored (Acts 7:22-37, Eph. 2:2). That is when we would find ourselves fighting against our first sinful inheritance from this world; even that lustful nature that the devil wasn’t merciful enough to have spared us from, which he corrupted while we romanced with his promises (1Cor. 12:2, Gen. 3:5-6).

2.    The Lord – by the gospel – always seeks to expose, confront and abolish the first definition of “life” or of “success” that this world promotes to men; even during those years when it subtly courted us from our family/social background and from our upbringing/life exposure or experiences. The earlier He can succeed in doing; even by unveiling Christ to us, the earlier we can be built up to a place where the world can neither unlock our affections nor lead us by dumb idols (Col. 3:1-3, 1Cor. 12:2). The later He can, the more corrupt our souls would become and the more costly or unnatural it would be, for us to adapt to change or to yield to the leading of the Spirit.

3.    There is always a wrong disposition of mind (born out of our past shortcomings, failures or our negative life experiences) which comes from thoughts and imaginations that the enemy feeds our soul with, so as to steal our peace, give us a wrong image of ourselves and also a shallow definition of life. One tested and trusted prescription from the epistles for overcoming this, is the spirit of power (faith), love and of a sound mind; which can be nurtured in the place of waiting, coupled with enlightened prayers and meditating on the epistles (2Tim. 1:7).

4.    There is a season in the life of every believer where and when heaven’s expectation is that we would be weaned from our academic/mental understanding of what corruption truly is (Isa. 28:9). There is another season when heaven’s expectation is that we profit from/receive the fulness of the feasts of faith; which would facilitate our escape from corruption and enable us to partake of God’s divine nature (1Pet. 1:9, Rom. 8:21, 2Pet. 1:3-4). Without this, we can’t become trees of righteousness who can bear heaven’s authority to go after corruption in men; like the apostles/faithful servants of the Lord once did – and still do (Isa. 61:3e, Dan. 12:3).

5.    A faint grasp of the life in the epistles would make a well-paid believer – working in a multinational outfit or one who runs a lucrative business – not to define that economic status of his as the “gain” of his soul or even let that define his lifestyle; just like another believer working in a local start up can’t. The revelation of Christ; even of godliness, is the first “gain” that every soul needs to attain; so it can be empowered to truly seek for God, while living as supernaturally as Christ did. Otherwise, our earthly “advantage” remains a disadvantage to us. (Phil. 3:7-8)

6.    Our first enduring identity as believers comes from whether or not we have Christ: whether He is comfortably dwelling in our soul by His faith; whether we have Him as the foundation of our soul or whether we are being built upon Him (1Cor. 3:10-12). David and Paul, therefore, prophesied about those who, by being separated or sanctified by the name/knowledge of the Son, would ascend out of the flesh and be raised from the realm of carnality; and become spiritually minded enough to seek eternal life (Ps. 24:3-5, 1Tim. 6:19). So our God-given resources/potentials are primarily meant to secure for us, a good foundation in Christ, through whom alone we can seek eternal life (1Tim. 6:17-19).

7.    Until we lay hold of the mystery of faith, we would not truly know why we keep doing many things we do, why we don’t do the things we are meant to do, in the way/manner we are meant to. We also won’t be able to lay hold on the word of life (God); which is meant to enable us see our heart intents and motive for the things we do and don’t do (1Tim. 3:9, Phil. 2:14-16, 1Jn. 1:1, Heb. 4:12e). The power of darkness would also continue to have a field’s day in our mind; thinking through us and helping us take thoughts for our lives (Acts 26:18c).

8.    The Father has an expectation from everyone who would sit on His throne, which is likeable to the expectation He once placed upon His Son and upon every other person who would overcome sin and death or would partake of life and immortality (2Tim. 1:10). He expects those being acquainted with the life in/of His Son, to overcome sin and death before showing up in heaven; and we have to start doing so by seeking to know His divine power – in the same way Jesus went about it (Rev. 2-3). Anything less won’t end us up as being truly called to glory, though men would brand us so (2Pet. 1:3).


Tayo Fasan


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