Looking inward and outward (with the google of faith)-part 49

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Faith to weigh various inspired thoughts, on another blessed day.

Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 49

  1. One of the most valuable investments on planet earth, with a turnover that transcends time, takes place by sowing our most valuable resource and asset; even our time and strength into the body of Christ, or into any cause that promises to foster the unity of the faith in the lives of fellow believers. It never goes unnoticed by the Father of Truth, and the quality of such seed(s) or labor of love would determine if its yield would be in 30, 60, or 100 fold (Matt. 13:8/19:27-29, Heb. 6:10)
  2. If the Lord Jesus doesn’t have the right to influence or determine what we do with our time, strength and resources, then our claim of Him being Lord over our lives can be questioned. He most likely hasn’t been enthroned as our Lord and we most likely won’t end up becoming His subjects, even lords who would govern with Him in time and eternity
  3. The reason why a believer, at any given time ‘T’, wont whole heartedly say to the Lord, “here is the rest of my life, use it as you so please and grant me the grace to overcome the contradictions ahead”, is because of the presence of fear; fear of the uncertainties that the life of faith presents to our hearts, when we view our future through the goggle of our natural minds.
  4. Believers actually need much less than we think they need in the natural, to seek the greatest thing on earth – eternal life. So what informs the quest for material abundance in many believers, is inspired by our love for the things of world and not necessarily because we want to selflessly use it to serve a cause that’ll further the acquisition of God’s life.
  5. The primary reason why a believers linger in repentance at any given time and season, even though there’s sufficient enlightenment on that issue, is because many are yet to see through a veil of darkness/ignorance, and many don’t know the consequence of doing so. The power of darkness makes us hold unto a light called darkness (Acts 26:18, Matt. 6:23).
  6. Whenever a believer, or a community of believers arrives at the feasts of charity, a demand would be placed on them to lay down their lives so they can give a clear interpretation of Christ. The goal and hope of the epistles of Christ or of the word of Christ in Paul and Peter’s epistles, is to bring the saints to this junction and portal, so feasting on the actual chapter called the word of God can take off; even the feasts on the super epistles of John (1Cor. 13:4-8, 2Pet. 1:5-7).
  7. This present life always pressures us to take thoughts concerning it; thoughts that are always at the expense of the sayings of God’s righteousness. We would be wise like Job was, to esteem the words of His mouth rather than our necessary food (Job 23:12). What the Lord wants to give us at trying moments, is better than the outward relief we are seeking Him for, or the comforts that some ungodly men have by natural birth or without praying for it.
  8. As we live by various words that proceeded out of the mouth of the Father and appreciate in being content with the food and raiment, the most important feature of the next day in the eyes of the Lord, is the next training He would bring our way, which would further cause us to appreciate in our trust for Him.
  9. What the gospel is after, are mostly the intangible goods of our souls: our rights outside God’s righteousness and or our ways and thoughts that defines our hope in this present life. The gospel has come to empower us to see everything in the true light, so we can always take stock of our true net worth, and place things in the right perspective (Isa. 55:7-8, Matt. 13:44)
  10. The faith in the milk of God’s word would help us use the substances of that faith, to influence the states of things with a carnal fabric. It empowers us to see beyond mountains, and to obtain good report.


Tayo Fasan


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