Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 9

Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 9

1. “Those who use this world as though they do not”. “Those who are married as though unmarried” (1Cor. 7:29-31). Those who have great abilities – as though they don’t (Jn. 5:19/30). This is how every true overcomer remained focused and hid their head; like the apostles did and like the manchild company also would (Rev. 12:5).

2. The day we can replace the vain philosophy that says, “I am better than …”, with the philosophy in Christ that says or counsels us to “esteem others better than ourselves”, is the day we actually begin our journey into servanthood; into greatness; into Godhood (Rom. 12:10/Phil. 2:3/7-9).

3. Whether a man is crude or civilized, this world makes hustlers out of everyone who lives by the peace it offers. And being delivered from this is as we acquaint ourselves with Christ; as we keep trading with His righteousness until we arrive at His peace (Jn. 14:27, Ps. 62:9-10).

4. If (like David, Paul, Peter etc.) we can courageously let some believers know how/why we didn’t previously get some things right: how the world stage-managed our former walk and how the Lord facilitated our escape; then we would be better off in ourselves and also leave such people better off (Eph. 2:2/Isa. 4:2/2Pet.1:4c).

5. If God can take from our hearts, the things (nature) of man, and replace it with the things (nature) of God; things inspired by His ways and thoughts; then, such we would not just have been set free from sin but would also have been raised to become a saviour that can deliver men from their captivity; from their sins (1Cor. 2:9/Obad. 1:21/1Tim. 4:15/James 5:20).

6. Whether called to the ministry or not, one characteristic of those who gave/give the right attitude to faith like Hebrew 11 saints did, is that; they prospered in their soul; they lived (Hab. 2:4, Rom. 1:17)! Their lives, testimony and record remained in force even after their transition, and continues to affect generations born and unborn (Heb. 9:16-17).

7. Like Esau, not all believers would become heirs of salvation because not all would regard the first inheritance of the New Testament; even the faith that is in Christ Jesus (Heb. 12:16/1:24, Acts 26:18). Many still fight being instructed by tutors and governors, and thereby choose to remain like servants (Gal. 4:1-2).

8. David,  without  a  resurrected  human  spirit—was  so  raised  in  his  soul  that  a  believer  with  a resurrected  spirit  would  need some decades  of  consistent  growth  to  comprehend  his  Psalms! The Faith that is in Christ supplies the substances for that growth; it raises a soul from a fleshy to a spiritual estate (Ps. 89, Phil. 3:9, Rom. 8:5-6)

9. God’s lovingkindness is better than life (Ps. 63:3). Abiding is better than living (1Pet. 1:23). Entering is much more better than just sighting the kingdom (Jn. 3:3,5). Abundantly entering the kingdom is also much better than entering it (2Pet. 1:11). Coming into “then” (i.e. into perfection or love), is better than remaining in “now” (i.e. in imperfection/faith) {1Cor. 13:12}.

10. There are matters of the life or law of the New Testament (i.e. the doctrine of Christ’s doctrine), and there are weighter matters that life or law (i.e. the dividend of staying faithful to that doctrine, which would cause us to inherit the Son and Father) {2Jn. 1:9}. The former (i.e. Christ or His Faith) does one thing: He emPOWERs our souls (Rom. 1:16a-b,1Pet. 1:5a). The latter (i.e. God or Love) does one thing: He fully seals or saves our soul (1Pet. 1:5,9b)


Tayo Fasan

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