Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 29

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Christ’s Faith to weigh all conversation and filter all thoughts under the sun.

1. When you see the yearly budget of developed nations for the education of its citizens, the infrastructure in place and those planned to improve on the quality of their education, and how they harness this, and then compare it with the budget (i.e. eternal riches) that heaven has approved for the church age; even the good and perfect gifts (lights) from the Father of lights, and how believers are yet to discern, howbeit harness it, you will realize why there remains a scarcity of trees of righteousness in the church, or of believers who have been built by the revelations of Christ, and of God (Jam. 1:17/Isa. 61:3e/Matt. 16:18).

2. To have the kind of compassion that committed heaven to flow through Jesus, we need to be wise, blind, deaf and numb to the excesses and folly of those whom heaven is asking us to love at gut level, or lay down ourselves for. We need a change of heart that can gradually be birthed through a holy place walk, such that would always peaks with charity. If not you, who? If not now, when? If not here, where? (1Cor. 13:4-7/1Tim/ 1:5/2Pet. 1:5-7).

3. If you have never cried out for a period of time, and/or have stopped crying out for the abundant provisions of grace and mercy, then you most likely haven’t seen the need to change season in the Spirit, or you might lack a desire to someday become a beautiful stone in Zion, or you might have resigned to walking in an earthly manner rather than on a rock – even by the revelations of Christ where the limitations that came with man’s fall expires. Such a one may end up falling short of singing new songs – in time and eternity (Ps. 34:15-20/40:3/Isa. 4:1-3/Rev. 14:1-3).

4. Before and after we came to the Christian faith, the world created images in us, even mental pictures of what life and ministry ought to be. So when we aren’t racing to be rooted in Christ, it would easily use our imaginative capabilities to paint pictures of a better tomorrow or a brighter future, and thereby think through us. This is how the world employs the minds of Christians, to think through them, and to perpetuate innumerable worldly lusts. (2Cor. 6:16-17).

5. As far as the Lord is concerned, the excitement and honor of living in this generation is not hinged on the technological advancement of our day, but rather, on the fact that the program of God’s will is gradually prevailing among many communities of saints. The same engagements of the throne of God, that once raised our Lord Jesus and His apostles to become emissaries of the new creation, are here again – and are here to stay; to raise throne bound citizens or new born spirits.

6. There is a cure for wasted years; for years that crept by when the world had a field day taking strength out of our souls; when we neither applied our hearts to the wisdom in Christ nor sought the true riches that He came to offer us, and one key biblical prescription for this is to appreciate that, only one thing is needful, or is of uttermost important to our souls; the discipline of sitting down to learn of the gospel – of the twin inheritance for our souls; even the Son and Father. (Lk. 10:42/Ps. 27:4).

7. When a believer sincerely sits to learn the faith of the Son, or is being baptized/taught the content of name of the Son (Matt. 28:19-20), carnal or natural things (that perishes with the use) would gradually lose the lustful grip and pull it used to have on his soul, and when the Lord is satisfied with how separated he is from such things, or how it can no more be used by the world to tempt/bring him out of faith life or how it can’t cause him to offend the standard of His Faith, He then becomes comfortable bringing supernatural increases and additions his way (Matt. 6:32-33/Jam. 4:3).

8. If we can see what God saw concerning the world, which made Him to give His only begotten Son for all who loved the world, or if we can fetch the wise judgments that our Lord Jesus inherited during those two decades plus, during which he overcame the devil at Jordan and then walked like God does, then a law of liberty in Christ, and a perfect law of liberty in God has become ours. Then have we have passed from death to life, and we’ve been empowered to overcome the love of every life on earth that is outside God. We have truly believed that Jesus is the Christ, and have loved He who begot Him, even God. We are truly servants of God (Jn. 3:16/5:24/8:32, 1Jn. 5:1)

9. The devil has a weak point that was once discovered by men of like passion like ours, only after they came and faithfully prospered with the feasts of charity, and mastered the wisdom of loving not their lives unto the death of their lives. Like Benedict Cumberbatch in the film ‘Strange Doctor’, they lost out in some battles against the world/the devil, but came to a place like Gethsemane, where he is blind and limited; where they became inseparable from the love of Christ and of God. (Jude 1:12a/Rev. 12:11/Rom. 8:35-37).

10. As beautiful as owning things (houses, cars etc.) could be, it is a feat among men but not in God’s sight. Otherwise, those whose path didn’t accommodate such, like many victorious saints in Hebrews 11 or like Christ Jesus and His apostles who never owned but used or rented such, could be tagged as failures. Things present must not constitute or define our pursuit or life, lest it would limit us from attaining the actual feat for our souls – inheriting eternal life. Our souls can never truly own, be satisfied with, or love things, because, unlike things to come, they would pass away. We are to use them like Angels are freely using heaven before it would pass away, and seek first things the Spirit is revealing concerning God’s righteousness (Rom. 1:17/Jn. 16:15/1Jn. 2:15-17).


Pst. Tayo Fasan

You may share if blessed and inspired to do so


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