Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 19

Dearly Beloved,

The following is another attempt to use the goggle of Christ’s Faith to weigh all conversation and filter all thoughts under the sun.

Graceful Reading!

1. What should cause a man’s soul to always rejoice and to remain in the cycle of Joy, is fast becoming unpopular and replaced by all sorts today. To raise kids to a place where they are truly godly – is a thing of Joy! To be able to see sin grow weaker by the day or have the hope of eternal life replace the hope of this world – is a thing of great Joy! To be able to learn and sight things pertaining to God’s will and hear His Son’s voice by the hour – is joy unspeakable! The excitements that the world offers is not a substitute for the joy of the Lord. (2 Cor. 1:12/Phil. 4:4).

2. Submitting one to another, and being subject to various levels of authority that the Lord has set within and without the body of Christ, can remain unnatural and can easily escape our radar – even when we have received enlightenment on it. By it, faithful women of old wrestled with unhealthy rights of their day like “women rights”, and thereby had their hearts adorned with a meek and quiet spirit. Submission at all levels remains a vital prescription for weeding out or overcoming hidden natures or priestly infirmities like guile, envy, malice, hypocrisies and evil speaking. (Eph. 5:21/1Pet. 3:1-5/2:1,13,18/5:5).

3. Nehemiah esteemed the ruins of the wall of Jerusalem more than the comfort of the palace, Moses esteemed the reproaches of Christ greater riches more than the treasures of Egypt, John the Baptist esteemed the clothing of camel’s skin rather than the soft raiment and delicate lifestyle of Kings. And only by such wholesome commitment to the Faith can we also affect born and unborn generations (Neh. 2:17, Matt. 11:7-11, Heb. 11:24-29).

4. An imprisoned man has most of his freedom of rights taken. So also, a man who wasn’t set free from sin while on earth, has no right to meet with or see God – even in heaven. Jesus came to make us free from sin, to introduce us to the same faith walk He used to overcome or come-over sin, so we can walk out of that prison house and nature, and experientially fellowship with our heavenly father while on earth. So we can come into the fellowship of the Father by being made free from sin, or after Christ indwells our hearts by His Faith. (Jn. 8:32/Eph. 3:17/1Jn.1:1-3).

5. God is mighty, and despises not any (Job 36:5). Meaning, it takes might to be meek enough not to despise anyone, or err in such judgment. It takes might to honor all men, to love the brotherhood, to condescend to men of low estate, to listen carefully to children and to seemingly weaker looking vessels like wives; and this comes after an empowerment that the walk of faith has to offer. (Isa. 40:29/Col. 1:9-11).

6. The first person or personality in us that receives any classified information from the Holy Spirit, on things pertaining our destiny or inheritance in God, is our recreated spirit. So to be separated from heaven and from God’s will is as simple as being separated from the hourly dictates of our spirit man; from the witnesses of the Spirit of the Lord and of God to our spirit. Our closest ally therefore should be our recreated human spirit . (Rom. 8:16/1Cor. 2:9-11).

7. There are different kinds of seed (word/promise) in the bible. There was once an earthy SEED that Adam in Eden handled. Then came earthly or carnal SEEDS (words/promises) after the fall. But the sower (Jesus) in the New Testament, came with only one SEED – only one word or promise – that has the answer to corruption; even the incorruptible seed or the actual word of God that can raise a soul from a grassy estate into a stony estate, or that can change the DNA of our souls to a place where it lives above this world and ultimately abides in God or becomes an abode for the Son and Father. (1 Cor. 15:47/Deu. 28/Lk. 8:5/1Pet. 1:23-25).

8. The preaching of the gospel entails the declaration of things that glorious angels desire to look into; things that covey the hope of attaining resurrection in our soul. It has so far mostly been introduced via the miraculous; but, when truly taught and received, it would present us perfect in Christ—and thereby prepare us to take God (1Pet. 1:12, Phil. 3:10-11, Col. 1:26-28).

9. Great shall be the reward of every faithful helper, who co-laboured with the call of God upon their husbands until they came into goodness and then mercy, or until they inherited Christ and ultimately God. Many of such faithful women would remain unknown, perhaps unheard of and unsung, but their secret labours that led them to laying down their lives for the purpose of God upon their spouses would someday cause the Lord to reward them openly; even with a new name. (Rev. 2:17)

10. Have you ever heard believers or ministers say or sing, “Jesus suffered so we won’t suffer?” Have you ever, in meekness, drawn their attention to various early church accounts of sufferings and trials, which became the tools for their purification for God’s inheritance? Have you asked them why did the bible command us to follow those who through their trials of faith and patience, inherited the promise? To deny the place of suffering outside wrongdoing, is to deny the faith arrangements through which the Holy Spirit leads us against the life of disobedience, or to stop the technology of the Spirit that takes sin out of our flesh. (1Pet. 4:1/12-16/19).


Pst. Tayo Fasan

 You may share if blessed or inspired by this series


Tayo Fasan


You may share if blessed or inspired by this series

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