Looking Inward & Outward (with the goggle of Faith) – Part 14

Looking Inward & Outward (With the goggle of Faith) – Part 14

1. To be battle weary is to be inconsistent in hearing, waiting, obeying, praying, walking, giving and loving. It leads to falling back to our previous strength or love for the world, and it enables the enemy collect measures of life that our soul previously gathered.

2. What confuses this world is the cross; and what the faith component of the cross does – when kept – is that it triggers experiences that would make us look foolish and weak before natural men. Thereby would the unworthiness of this world be revealed and thereby would it be confounded (1Cor. 1:18-28).

3. God always calls those who aren’t qualified for the task(s) He sets before them, so no flesh would share in His glory. Like Moses, He uses the walk or dealings of faith to empty us of our qualifications, and then qualifies us by His grace and mercy; even as we keep seeking it until our soul attains salvation (1Cor. 1:26-29, 1Pet. 1:9).

4. To be greater than John the Baptist is to have a greater sight, better quality of consecration and walk than he had. Without these, no believer would gain entrance into the kingdom like John couldn’t. Kingdom entrance entails inheriting what John couldn’t partake of because the path for that consecrated life of Christ and God (I.e. Faith and Love) was still being laid and obeyed by our Lord Jesus (Mark 1:7, Matt. 3:15, 11:11, Heb. 5:8, 10:19-20).

5. The primary temptation that every potential overcomer of this world would face after the commandments of faith has been delivered, is to still hold unto his life or still keep his first love – this world (John 12:25, Jude 1:3).

7. Keeping the precepts of Faith unto Charity cleanses us from our known and unknown love for this world and rids us of our known and unknown fears, so Christ can come indwell us via His Faith (Eph 3:17). It also prepares us to keep the actual commandments of God (love); so our soul can be raised to become a temple for God (2Cor. 6:16).

8. When every revelation of Christ that comes our way becomes a commandment we keep, then inheriting the gospel of Christ or living by the power of God actually becomes inevitable (Rom 1:16, Acts 26:18).

9. This generation of believers is sitting on a gold mine; with unlimited reserves of gold of the highest karat, requiring the investment of our time and resources to discover it: value it: agree on the wisdom of “trading our vanity” so we can follow the Lord with all our hearts, have much more restored, and then live supernaturally in time and eternity (Isa. 55:2-3, Job 42:10-12, Matt. 13:44-45, 19:29)

10. At a season of our lives, there was nothing as exciting as changing clothes, shoes, cars or jobs. But without a season where our soul experiences a change in its profession, we haven’t experienced true change- and cannot end up becoming a temple for God  (Heb 10:23, 2Cor 6:16).


Tayo Fasan

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