A Closer Look @ The Man In Christ – Part 13


Dearly Beloved,

One simple way the enemy has weakened men over generations (Isa. 14:12e/Rom. 5:6) is to package and brand for them various kind of rights (Gen. 3:5), and long before he sold bragging rights, women rights, gender rights and abortion rights to nations, he sold to Adam a deadly right that the soul partakes of through knowledge – the right to adventure the world; the right to explore sin via any other knowledge that is contrary to truth!

So the world (sin) is much more than we think it is – it can be dispensed via knowledge to every soul and it is superior to every other knowledge that is contrary to or inferior to truth! It reigned for over 6,000 years before truth showed up in a man (Jesus) via a rare and consistent walk of Faith over decades. It pulls and captivates men via “the good” which is “a goodness” that the tree (stature) of the knowledge of good and evil offers men. It promises to address what men after the fall calls “need” and does so with hidden clauses – security at the expense of salvation, comfort at the expense of love walk, prosperity at the expense of purpose, vanity at the expense of truth, just to mention a few.

  • Prov. 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right (i.e. good) unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Sin promises man wisdom and enlightenment, dominion and gain (Gen. 3:5-6) – and what else does a natural man/mind need? It finds its way and feeds fat in any church or gathering that is yet to sight and promote the hope of the gospel; the hope that brings Christ into a soul and that also empowers it to hope for God (glory). SIN IS STRONG BECAUSE IT IS A LAW (PROV. 30:19/1COR. 15:56) THAT CAN BE PERPETUATED VIA ANY KNOWLEDGE THAT LACKS THE ABILITY TO SAVE THE SOUL (ROM. 7:8-11/LK. 1:77/1TIM. 2:4). So no Old Testament believer could overcome it – not even the greatest of all men (prophets) born of women (John); because the right to learn and adventure God’s Rights (Righteousness) hadn’t been embodied by any man.

  • 1Cor. 15:55-56 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law (of sin).

If Adam could forsake the commandment of Faith despite all the glory and honor he was given and despite the promise of inheriting God’s life (Heb. 2:7/Gen. 2:9c), then there is something about the “good” of that evil tree (knowledge) that looks more precious than faith (2Pet. 1:1) and that continues to limit the church from coming into perfection (Heb. 6:1/1Pet. 1:9); and as long as we aren’t taught, rooted and grounded in the Faith that Christ came to unearth via his walk, we most likely are responding daily to the “good” of that tree like Eve and Adam did! We most likely are exercising our rights to live outside Christ’s Faith – as as such aren’t believing believers (Jn. 1:12/2Pet. 1:9-10/1Jn. 5:1).

Sin is the first produce of the “good knowledge” of the tree being probed here, which is a product of disobedience to the law of God’s order of Faith (Rom. 14:23/1Jn. 5:17). Sin always seems right and enslaves every natural mind that seeks his own things or interest (Prov. 14:12/Phil. 2:3-4). Sin understands the philosophy governing all legitimate looking earthly gain (1Tim. 6:5) and employs this to rob men of life on every decision where they put their minds ahead of their recreated spirit.

So what Jesus overcame at Jordan was firstly the “good” proposal of that tree – i.e. sin which is the world, and he overcame it because he was dead to every “gospel of right” that the enemy sold to him. He had just come to the end of His Faith course by submitting to the righteous demand of that course (Matt. 3:17/Rom. 1:17).  He had just qualified to claim the patent over the Gospel of God – which would subsequently be called the Gospel of Christ (Rom. 1:1/1:16), and the next person (Paul) that would successfully forsake his rights (Phil. 3:4-8) by fully claiming the rights (righteousness) of that Gospel would also inherit that Gospel – and call it his (Rom. 2:16/16:25).

What crucifies the world in us and to us is the cross of Christ – the conversation of His Faith, and any believer that is ashamed of the lifestyle that accompanies this Faith is either openly or secretly in love with this world! Any believer that is not learning the power with which Christ and his apostles disobeyed the rights and privileges being offered by the world, is not in love with the father (1Jn. 2:15). Such a one won’t partake of the Honor of the Son or the Glory of the Father, and may go to heaven with the glory of a grass (1Pet. 1:24/Jam. 1:9-11)0

God offers His commandment and chastening to those whom he loves – and this is the basis on which he reveals his righteousness and offers life (Heb. 12:6/Jn. 12:50). The devil offers rights to everybody – and this is the basis on which he reveals unrighteousness (sin) to flesh and blood (1Cor. 15:50). THE COMMANDMENT OF GOD IS CHRIST – AND WE OBEY CHRIST BY OBEYING HIS FAITH (Rom. 16:26). THE COMMANDMENT OF THE DEVIL IS SIN – AND WE OBEY SIN (THE WORLD) BY DISOBEYING FAITH.

  • Matt. 3:17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son (a son of Faith/divine power), in whom I am well pleased (because he totally hated the world and loved the father)

In the natural, we eat with our mouth, but in the Spirit, we eat with our ears (Isa. 55:3/Rom. 10:). As we hear the revelations (sayings) of the Lord that sanctifies and separates us from unclean things (filthiness), we live (Isa. 55:3/Heb. 10:38). We align with what the Spirit is saying to the church today – which encompasses what was said to the seven churches (Rev. Chapters 2 & 3); the sound counsels of Faith (i.e. of Christ) and of Love (i.e. of God) that would perfect the churches/saints. Selah.




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