Introduction To The Gospel That Belongs To Christ – Part 7

Dearly Beloved,

God’s arch enemy, whom believers like you and I share in common, has labored centuries and brought a great limitation (a curse – Isa. 25:7/Rev. 22:3) upon the earth and its inhabitants

Our collective enemy was once a glorious cherubim that was given A FACE to minister/bless the Seraphs on mount Zion (Eze.28:14/Heb. 12:22), but after his fall, he employed it in spreading what Apostle Paul called a condemned life (Rom.8:1).

But thanks be to God, who through the New Testament (2Cor.3:18/4:6) has unveiled the MINISTRY OF GOD’S FACE for the full redemption of man. Our prayers to the church should therefore be that this generation of believers would migrate from an inferior  MINISTRY OF GOD’S HAND that has been in operations since the deliverance of Israel from Egypt to the EXCELLENT MINISTRY OF CHRIST where saints are prepared for a New Nature, A Stature, A New Name (2Pet.1:4/Eph.4:13/Rev. 2:17)

God started by sending His Son with A Name, which was A Commission that carried An Authority that would kick start the process of Overcoming The Limitation placed on man by The Reign of Sin and Death in the Spirit, Soul & Body.

  • That name was declared by an angel and its destiny was to Save Man from His Sins (Matt. 1:21).
  • That name was called JESUS and he had to die various kinds of death to self-gratification before the death of the cross (Phil. 2:8) while pressing unto The Stature of God’s Kind of Man, the stature that could wear the original Glory and Honor (Heb.2:7/9) designed for man; the stature of the Last Adam (1Cor.15).
  • That name was the delegated authority that casted out devils and bring forth the miraculous 16:17/Lk. 13:32.
  • That Name Was Fulfilled On The Cross, But As Glorious As That Name Was And Still Is, It Was Only The First Phase Of God’s Outreach To Man!

It is not enough to relate with the operations of Jesus first name (i.e. His first authority/commission/operation) saved our the human spirit at New Birth. We need to experience his new name (a Higher & More Excellent Name – Heb. 1:4) through which we are to be brought into perfection

So In fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophesy, Christ after resurrection inherited A More Excellent Name – The Lord Our Righteousness (Heb. 1:4/Jer.23:6;33:16). The commission of this new name is to save man unto the uttermost (Heb.7:25) by purging infirmities that makes him spiritually lame. (Jn. 15:2/ Heb.1:3;9:14/Rom. 8:1-2/ Rev.22:3). Believers who embrace this new name/ministry can now perfectly hate iniquity, love righteousness and please the Father like the Son did! (Heb. 1:9)

It took the meek transactions of divine wisdom from The Cross To The Grave where his First Name was fulfilled and from The Grave To The Throne where his New Name was declared by God (not by an angel), to  recaptured the earth for the will of God and chart the course for the Full Redemption of Man. The anointed one, Christ Jesus, now possesses the material that can build men into becoming Pillars (1Tim.3:15/Rev. 3:12), men who would House God On Earth and to do this, he must first declare His New Name unto his brethren that would hear him expressly (Heb. 2:12)

Christ Jesus is therefore currently employing his New Name/Ministry to perfect those journeying to Complete The Syllabus of Hearing Faith, those that are downloading the divine materials concealed in the epistles for the Salvation of The Souls of Believers! (Rom.10:17/Heb.2:1-3/1Pet.1:9) .

As long as the church is not exposed to the face ministry of Christ, believers would continue to be limited in their calling to KNOW, OBEY and INHERIT God.

We must be Built Up during our journey on earth, so that like the Lord, we can inherit a New Name needed to function through an ageless new heavens and earth, amen.

Bless You!

Tayo Fasan

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